Kasamba Reviews: Are They The Best?

Is Kasamba The Best Online Psychic Network?

Kasamba Review: Never Be Scammed By A Psychic Again!

Yes, there are real, legitimate psychics, and this is where to find them. Psychic reviews from Kasamba to Psychic Source, Hollywood Psychics, Oranum, Keen, and others...

Are You Looking To Speak To A Real Psychic, But Don’t Want To Waste Your Money?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

The goal of this site is exactly as it’s name implies: the truth about exactly which psychics are real, which are good, which are so-so, and which are fake. The information you’ll find on this site is based on reviews of what other customers have said.

...But Isn't It All A Scam?

No, it's not all a scam. Yes, due to the high subjectivity of this field, and since a lot is open to interpretation, there are some unscrupulous individuals who try to take advantage of others.

There are charlatans who have taken people's money before, and on the other hand, there are real folks out there who have also helped people.

Those are the ones you're going to find on this site.

How Kasamba Works, and How To Use It

If you didn't know, there are these places called psychic networks. They're basically other sites and hotlines you can go to to find a medium, Tarot reader, astrologer, clairvoyant, or spiritualist that you can talk to.

There are a number of these online psychic hotlines, such as Kasamba. Psychic Source, Ask Now, Live Person Psychics, Psychic Access, and California Psychics.

Various individual psychics work with these networks. In addition to reviewing the networks, we also try to present consumer feedback and ratings about the individual psychics that work at these networks.

That way, not only do you know if the network you're thinking about is good, but you also know that the individual you want to talk to has a good reputation.

The way you use this site is very simple: as we review more and more networks, they'll be linked to from this page. Simply click the link of the network you're interested in to go to a page that talks about it.

Then, on the page for that individual network, you may find links to promo codes, individual review summaries, tips, and discounts.

Now that you know you'll only find honest review summaries here, that begs a question...

How Do I Find The Right Psychic, Astrologer, Medium, Clairvoyant, or Tarot Reader?

If this is your first time looking for a psychic to talk to, you may have a number of questions on your mind, just as a lot of skeptics and first-timers do. I'll answer a lot of these below.

Which network is best for me?

Finding the right hotline, or website, starts here: we aim to list the best and review them all.

Which hotline has the best deals?

We know that Kasamba has a good deal where, if you're a first-time caller, you can get 10 minutes for $10. We like this deal because this is a true network that qualifies the person you'll talk to, and you can learn a lot in 10 minutes.

Which ones are really legitimate, and not just going to try to take my money?

Unless we tell you otherwise, all the networks listed on this site are basically legitimate. There may be some that you might like better than others, but they're all real. The real question is:

Which individual psychic is best for me?

Not only does this site review the networks, but it also features key individuals at those networks. One key to finding a good individual to talk to is to learn about their reading style, listen to their introductory message, and try to get a feel for whether you'll like to talk to this person.

What kinds of psychics are Kasamba?

That question can basically be answered in 2 parts:

First, there are are types of psychics; and second, there are ones who specialize in certain life areas.

The types refers to the gifts they have and methodology they use.

There are mediums, Tarot readers, clairvoyants, clairsentients, clairaudients, astrologers (though astrologers aren't really sixth sense psychics), dream interpreters, past life regressionists, empaths, spirit guides, pet psychics, and possibly more.

Depending on the individual who does your reading, the life areas they can help you with are: career and money, love and relationships, destiny, communication with a love one who has passed away, pet communication, and finding lost objects or lost pets.

Which ones will help me with my relationship situation?

That's easy. Just look at their profile. For example, every individual advisor on Kasamba has a profile page. If they're a love psychic or provide relationship advice, then that's a good sign.

These are strangers. Will I feel comfortable with them?

You know, sometimes, there are some things you can't talk about with people you know. Also, with a good, reputable advisor, your matters are kept in the strictest confidence. All you have to do is be willing to speak to someone you don't know (but who may know you more than you think they do).

In fact, sometimes what happens is you find someone that you like, and you go to them over and over again for advice and guideance. They become sort of like a coach to you.

What kind of information do I have to give?

Usually just a name and your birth-date. It depends on the psychic. They may ask you what you want to talk about. What's really important is that there's a connection. If there's a good connection, you usually won't have to give a lot of information: they'll probably know what you want to talk about before you even ask. That's happened a lot of times.

What about my career?

If you need some insight and advice about your career, a good career reading might help you out. Some people are not sure if they should ask for a raise, or take a new position. Some don't know if moving to a new location is worth it. The answers to these questions, and other work-related ones can be found in a good reading.

My loved one is deceased. Can a medium talk to them for me?

A lot of people say yes. It's fine if you're skeptical: a good medium will know things that are eye-opening, and show you that, yes, your loved one is on the other side, doing well, and understands that you did your best.