Study Tips

How to retain information successfully.

FOCUS your attention on the information you are studying

To successfully retain information and move it from your short-term memory to your long-term memory you must pay full attention to it. Try being in a quiet room without noise from friends or family that might distract you. Turn off the television or radio and try to focus solely on the information.

Make REGULAR study sessions

Regular studying helps you retain information because it gives you the time needed to process and remember it rather than cramming everything in the night before your exam.

CHUNK your Information

Chunking is a way of reducing long strings of information into smaller pieces that are easier to remember. Take brief notes or organise your information by category and summarize them onto note cards or sticky notes.

Make a Rhyme or Phrase to Remember

Use Mnemonic devices to remember information. Make a rhyme, acronym, joke, or phrase that you will remember when you need the information. For example "Every Good Boy Does Fine" or "FACE" to remember the notes in music.