Week 9


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Big Blue Counselor of the Week!

Lizzie G. - Group 2A

A senior at Immaculata High School, first year as Big Blue Counselor, enjoys watching movies, reading, and hanging out with her friends.

"I love working here because I love hanging out with the kids all day and seeing their imaginations at work."

Hi-Tech Counselor of the Week!

Jenny F.

A junior at The Pingry School ,first year as a Hi-Tech Camp instructor, enjoys creating and playing games, is a member of Pingry's Quiz Bowl and Robotics teams.

"I want to encourage a love of computer science and share knowledge of technology through education."

Lifeguard of the Week!

Zach S.

A sophomore in college, first year as a Pingry summer lifeguard, enjoys swimming, playing Pokemon Go, and spending time outdoors.

"I love working here because it's really rewarding to work with the kids as their swim instructor and see their progress in the pool!"

Best of Summer 2016
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