Sports Nutritionist

Dawson Kavanaugh

Occupation and Description

Advises what the athlete should eat to increase stamina and endurance. Tells them what they should eat for increased post work out recovery.


- Bachelors degree in sports nutrition

- Must be state licensed (acquired through internship or exam)

Daily activites

sometimes presents to schools and works with a diverse group of people. Absolutely no benefits. No paid lunch time off, and have to consul people of various age groups what to eat


The majority of nutritionist earn between 45,000 and 56,000. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics says the average earns 46,980.


Since many nutritionist have multiple athletes to deal with they should be able to multi task and be organized. They should be able to talk to anyone no matter the age or group, and clearly get their point across through oral speaking or paper.

Where you work

Hospitals, nursing homes, cafeterias and clinics

Fun facts

1. Most Nutritionist have an advanced degree

2. Many Nutritionist have speciality certifications

3. only 5% or Nutritionist are males

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