Team SE Fusion

Week 3 of June...

This week's events:

Shannon Orawiec, Cheryl Jeter, Jessica Davis, Jen Reed, Stephanie Boone, Meghan Meacham x 2, Sheila Caudle, Lori Daniel, Luanne Thorpe x 3, Ana Avila, Kimberly Blas, Heidi Huntley, Rebecca Turner, Merrilee Jone, Aviva Dawn, Mari Oliver... you are our team's pop ups this week "on the books!" An impromptu pop up can happen anytime so many more of you can join this crew? Those of you on the books, expect a call from me if you aren't already on my schedule for a pop up pep talk. If you would rather schedule a call, please do so here:

Last Call: Your Copacabana + c+i Men’s Shop spree ends Tuesday at 11:59PM EST.

June is Hospitality Month! Share our extra perks with potential hosts to get mid-month pop-ups on the books. An exclusive 50% off discount is hers when her pop-up reaches $800 in sales within the first 7 days. Plus, she earns our bestselling Sedona Statement Necklace + entry into our exclusive raffle at $1K in sales.

As you know, I always share the training call links each week, but I don't expect you to get on every single call. Chloe and Isabel has worked very hard to offer several opportunities for you to be in the know. You'll notice that they have added an afternoon roundtable recap of the national call, the career path call and the online office basics calls each week.

This week's calls:

Monday, 3PM EST Pop Up Formula for Success:

Monday, 9PM EST Get Set Up for Success:

Tuesday, 8PM EST Online Office Basics:

Tuesday, 9PM EST National Sales Meeting Call: Create demand among customers and take advantage of our special June bonuses.

Wednesday, 3PM EST National Sales Meeting Roundtable

Wednesday, 9PM EST Pop Up Formula For Success

Thursday, 3PM EST National Career Path Webinar

Thursday, 9PM EST Get Set Up For Success

Friday, 3PM EST Fast Start Friday

This Month's Incentives for Merchies & Hostesses

Keep your eye on the prize. Have you popped up and reached $300, $400, $500, $1000... if so, you need one more to earn yourself a cash prize.


Here are the invite pages for the Atlanta, GA and Jacksonville, FL meet ups!!! Main topic that will be discussed will be "Overcoming Objections."

RSVP asap!! XO


How can I be more helpful to you?

Please let me know what else you need from me. I want to make sure you are all feeling supported and ready to pop up and reach your goals. Email me with your suggestions, questions, and feedback.