September 9, 2020

We All Had a Great First Day!

Thanks to everyone who pitched in to make our first day back at JC a great one! It was so wonderful to see our students back in the building, and although we couldn't see their full smiles, we could see their "eye smiles!" There were lots of air hugs and happy greetings all around!

We had a few hiccups with arrival and dismissal, but that is to be expected on any first day. Please make sure to review the arrival and dismissal procedures below to help ensure that things move smoothly.

Looking forward to another successful day tomorrow!

Mrs. McGuire and Mrs. Brush

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Arrival Zones and Arrival Times

Arrival Zones

  • ALL Kindergarten Students - Will enter and exit on the kindergarten back patio located behind the blacktop as you walk around the building on the playground side.

  • All Bus Students (grades 1-5) - Will enter through the MAIN Front DOOR.

  • Car Drop Off (grades 1-5) - Will enter through Doors 4 and 5. These are the doors closest to the field (gym and side door).

  • Walkers (grades 1-5) - Will enter through Door 22 (on the blacktop side of the building).

Arrival Times

The building doors will be open at 8:00 am. We are not permitted to allow students in the building prior to 8:00 am. Official school hours are 8:15 am to 2:45 pm. The before school breakfast program is limited to those students that qualify for food assistance. Please fill out the following form if you would like for your child to receive breakfast between the hours of 7:30 and 8:00 am.

JC Breakfast Program


Dismissal Zones and Dismissal Times

Dismissal Zones

  • All Kindergarten students will be dismissed from the back patio

  • Bus Students will exit through the front doors and load the buses

  • Car pick up will be dismissed from the gym doors and line up behind the fence on the field with a staggered dismissal

  • Grades 2 and 3 will line up in the back recess area behind cafeteria patio

  • Grades 1 on the grassy area by Julian Curtiss sign closest to the blacktop

  • Grades 4 and 5 will be dismissed on the blacktop

Car Pick Up Staggered Dismissal Times

(Children will be dismissed with their youngest siblings).

The intended purpose of staggering car dismissal timing is to minimize the number of students gathered together at the same time. Please consider being in the Julian Curtiss car pick up line at the time your child’s grade is dismissed. We HIGHLY encourage walking or legally parking and picking up your child for the safety of all.

  • Kindergarten - No car pick up

  • 1st grade + siblings - 2:35

  • 2nd grade + siblings - 2:38

  • 3rd grade + siblings - 2:41

  • 4th grade + siblings - 2:43

  • 5th grade - 2:45

Dismissal Plans

We will not be using School Dismissal Manager this year. Your child's teacher will be sending a link to an electronic form for you to fill out. Please complete the form for each child in your family on the first day of school. This form is extremely important as this will be the way your child's teacher directs your child to go home each day. If you have already filled in the paper copy we sent home, we will accept that copy.

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