First Things First

April 4-8

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Abram and Eli present their Arthur finger puppet play to the class on Friday.

Upcoming Dates

-April 15th-1:00 dismissal
-May 16th-1st grade field trip (details soon)!
-May 19th-1st grade picnic (details soon)!

Special Request

I am challenging all first graders to get outside and get a little messy this week! We will be studying earth worms and I would like the first graders to see if they can find one in their yard at home. If they can find one, please have them bring it to school. They can drop it off in my room before going to the gym in the morning. We have been studying soil and will be studying earthworms this week!

Pathways to Reading

Our Pathways To Reading program is continuing to focus on multi-syllable reading. We are learning about words that end in -er and -ed.


We read about Arthur in our anthologies and practiced reading with expression. Students all performed a finger puppet play based off the story. Expression really improved with multiple reads of the same story. Finger puppets and scripts will be sent home this week so your first grader can perform the play for you as well!
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Spelling Words And Sentences

Our test will be on Friday.
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Tips for helping your first grader with math at home:

Pick a number between 1-120. Ask them to find the following.

10 more
10 less
1 more
1 less

Some students still need to use the number chart below to determine 10 more and 10 less, but we want our students to be able to do this skill mentally. It just takes some practice!
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You can also ask your first grader to sing the 100 chart shuffle we have been singing in class.
Hundreds Chart More or Less Shuffle


We studied soil this week in Science. Due to some piles of dirt on our playground due to a small project, we had access to a lot of recently dug up soil! Students had a great time digging through soil to find out what it contained. There was quite a bit of excitement when students found worms and other critters in the soil. We read books and journaled about our findings as well.
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The week of April 4-8 will be an ORANGE week, the schedule is as follows:
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