Symbol of Venus

Venus's symbol is a circle with an addition sign connected to the bottom.
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How Venus got its name

Venus got it's name because the romans named it after the roman godess of love and beauty Aphrodity.

How Venus was discovered

Venus was discovered by telescope just like every other planet.

What Venus looks like

Venus has rocky terains and the tallest mountains.

Distances of Venus

Order from the sun:Second planet from the sun

Distance from the sun in AU:.7

in km:108.2millionKM

Distance from the Earth in AU:1.14

in km:42KM

Orbit and Rotation of Venus.

Number of days to orbit around the sun:243 EARTH DAYS

Length of one day (number of hours in one day):248 hours

Water forms on MY PLANET


Weather on Venus

The weather on Venus is 480 *C(900*F).

Rings and Satellites on Venus

There are no rings or satellites (moons) on Venus.

Exploration to Venus

The soviet union sent 7 probes to Venus long enough for them to take 7 pictures and send them back to earth so we could study them before the probes would be destroyed by the scorching heat on Venus.

Human colony on Venus

There are no human colonies on Venus.

Picture of Venus

Here is what Venus looks like.
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Atmosphere and Temperature of Venus

The tempurature on Venus is 480*C (900*F),and the atmosphere is dense (heavy) and is

97% carbon dioxide.