Effects of Littering

Stop murdering living animals


Litter is a problem affecting our environment and school. At Fairfield Public School we've noticed that rubbish is spreading around our school, And we are the ones causing rubbish to increase it's amount because we don't know what it does.

Every single day we see much more disgusting amounts of rubbish on the playground after lunch than there was in the morning.

Influencing little children to litter

Preschoolers and students at FPS walk through our playground every single day. They see copious amounts of rubbish in our playground and start thinking it is acceptable to litter. They are young and being influenced by you.

So you need to take responsibility for the fact that they are littering because of your actions.


6H decided to survey students around the school, the end results were suprising as out of 148 responses 53% of FPS said they litter and the other 45% said they don't, this means that shockingly half the school litters and about a quarter dosen"t and our mission is to change this catastrophe

Animal Incidents

Pete the Pelican was found dead in Kiama after starvation, chocking, and strangulation of 17 plastic bags which he thought were food, He was preserved and placed infront of a sign at Fitzroy Falls to memorialize this shocking incident.

Another miserable event occurred when a platypus had a plastic ring wrapped tightly around his neck which was cutting painfully deep into his skin, But the platypus bravely approached a human and overcame his shyness, the platypus was named Lucky after his miraculous survival.

Marine Biologists found a dying Bryde's Whale in Cairns, Heart breakingly the autopsy discovered 6m2 of plastic in the extensive 8m animal.

Marine Biologists also discovered a dead sperm whale, on the Spanish Coast, south of Granada, the whale was dead after swallowing a shocking 17kg of plastic dumped by a Greenhouse supplying produce to the UK.

All of these poor animals suffered strangulation, choking, and suffication.

Gray Whale dies

July 29th, 2013 a Gray sperm whale was washed up ion Tershelling, a northern island in the Netherlands, this poor Gray sperm whale was found dead after swallowing 59 different plastic items totalling up to 37 pounds, we found 411 pieces of rubbish of our playground the total of 37 pounds is 4 times the size of 411 pieces, so sadly we have technically killed 4 whales, this is sad as were meant to be saving them.
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The really sad thing is animals like turtles and fish become deformed by plastic wrapping itself around a particular body part such as the chest of an animal, after that all the animals organs squeeze together an they become like this


I go to After School Care and I've seen the transformation that your cleaners make, when I walk to After School Care at 3:00 I see probably more than 411 pieces on the playground a grass area all together, But when I go home at 5:30 I see a profuse difference as ALL of the rubbish in our school is gone, there isn't even a single molecule of rubbish, and our cleaners are the ones who make this wonderful change happen, Everyday the last thing they do is sit on the rocks in the grass area, then the next day they do the same exact thing all in a cycle.

These cleaners are cleaning up after you, just like your parents might do.


There is unreasonabley voluminous amount of rubbish in our school, and all our rubbish is non-biodegradable which means it takes a thousand years to break down, When an animal dies with plastic in their stomach their body decays and the plastic floats away to find another animal to murder and kills it in the shot of a gun.

These marine and land creatures are suffering because of our nonchalant actions, If we can stop or even if one person stops littering, these animals won't have to suffer this non-biodegradable catastrophe as much as they already do, All we have to do is put or rubbish in the bin!

We suffer from rubbish to as it causes pollution and we breathe it in.

However we don't suffer as much as virtuous marine and land creatures.

Our school proximately looks akin to the Great Garbage Patch, this is unacceptable as we're making animals suffer as well as eachother. This catastrophe needs to stop and we are not just doing this for edification we are doing this for the sake of our animals and population it's not the leadership team's responsibility, it's not the teacher's, it's not the SRC, it's not the PNC, and it's NOT 6h, it's the whole school.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a school where we don't require to learn about litter nor verbalize about it, We've done the fault and we need to fine tune it!



Take this survey to determine if you litter and how much