Heart of God Church

Heart of God Church Relies on Strong Leadership

About Heart of God Church

Based in Singapore, Heart of God Church (HOGC) is a non-denominational, independent youth church founded by Pastor Cecilia Chan (Pastor Lia) and Pastor Tan Seow How (Pastor How). Together, the husband-wife team has followed God’s call to build Heart of God Church as a contemporary and relevant community with strong Bible-based, Christian values at its core. Both pastors have a shared passion for building strong teams. They often teach that it is never about one or two star players but it is always about teamwork and working together to achieve more. Pastor Tan Seow How further elaborated on this leadership principle in his article “The Power of Team.” (www.pastorhow.com)

Aside from having a variety of programs for church members, HOGC also places much emphasis on positively impacting the community. HOGC provides humanitarian aid to other countries through its Destiny International (DI) program, which supports two orphanages, one in the Philippines and one in Myanmar. The church also regularly sends out missions and disaster relief teams to countries such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and the Philippines. HOGC’s Disaster Relief team also provided medical and relief aid during the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. It is the HOGC slogan to “Love God. Love Others. Love Life.”