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Good morning team,

Hope you had a fantastic bank holiday weekend.

It is time for your favorite monthly account update! August has been an eventful month so there is plenty we would like to share with you...read on and find out what Alex would like to tell you all, what upcoming events we are organising for you, who is the best liar in the W&G Change Management team and much much more.

Have a nice week & Hopefully, see you all this Thursday at the RBS Townhall!



Leadership Spotlight...with Alex Corsi

We are building a bank!

Living, Service Platform, W&G… Let us always remember that every task each of us perform every day is towards a pretty ambitious and exciting goal: (re)building a bank.

I know that it can be easy to forget this, in the day to day tight schedule, pressed by deadlines, complicated clients, the continuous demands that we put on us to be excellent every day on the client and at the same time to help proudly managing our firm. It is just so easy to lose sight of why we are ticking off a list of milestones or chasing people for some late (as usual) deliveries; and if we lose sight, then we might ask ourselves whether it is all worthwhile?

It happens to me, at times, but then I think about something that some wise people, independently from each other have said some time ago:

- “Il genio e’ lunga pazienza” (Italian saying – it sort of translates like “genius is hard discipline”)

- “genius is commitment” (T. Fontane)

- “genius is 1% inspiration, 99% transpiration” (T. A. Edison)

And I could go on… There is a common theme here: the ultimate goal is brilliant and shiny and exciting, but not everything that we do every day is brilliant and shiny and exciting. And this is true for all of us at RBS, for all of us at Capco, and I personally believe for anybody that tries to forecast the future by inventing it!

So what, do we do? We close the ranks as a team/crowd/family, we all take a personal commitment to engage with those of us that are not having a good day and to remind them that “we are building a bank”. And we keep the smile on our face that I so often see and so like.

But it is also true that in general things can be improved, so we all take a personal commitment to work clever as opposed to work a lot, find and get rid of the hurdles that are preventing us from focusing on doing what we want to do, which is delivering true quality to the client. Just as an example, I am delighted to see the energy that the W&G Command & Control team is putting in engaging with the client and redefine the way we will perform our tasks, streamlining and automating our processing, to give us more thinking space. And this is great for the team, and ultimately for the client too, who really values our advice.

This is the way forward and let us do more of this, everyday!

Let’s continue the conversation on Sep 3 at our Town Hall, I am looking forward to seeing you there. Superb setting it will be, I can tell you, but I am under strict NDA with draconian sanctions to be administered by Plowman/Collyer in case of breach and can’t tell anymore a part from… We will keep the formal part short, it will be quirky because this is what we are, and we will speak about what you guys want to change and about where the account and more will go in 2016 and how it all fits in the Capco strategy.

And the 2016 journey starts now, with a couple of thanks:

  • Living is “alive”! RBS is now live and integrated on Living. Bumpy journey, as it always is, but mastered with tenacity and dedication: standing ovation to Andrew C., David, Ed, Ivon, Andrew N., Ankit, Damien, Asif, Chris H, Leonard, Gary, John, Elizabeth, Ricky, Sara, Ben, Russ F., Antonis., Vinay, Chris R., Charles W., Sarah C., Lee and Ammar.
  • We have now signed a new MSA which is a strong cornerstone of our relationship with the bank. It has taken only a year of strenuous negotiations by Mark, Mike, Sunil, Stuart.

We are building a bank!



P.S.: will explain why the picture...

upcoming events

RBS Townhall - Account Strategy 2016

After the success of the Celebration Townhall in July, the next edition is upon us. Expect further creative outburst from members across the account with a focus on improvements for the future and a download from Corsi on the strategy going forward. As usual, this is a Townhall you will not want to miss!

WHERE: Barrio East, 141-143 Shoreditch High St, E1 6JE

WHEN: Thursday, 3rd September, 6:30 PM

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Breakfast with... Simon Cook

Friday, Sep. 25th, 8:30am

Ace Hotel, Shoreditch High Street, E1 6JQ

It’s time for the next in the series of ‘Breakfast With…’ and this month will be hosted by Simon Cook at the Ace Hotel. If you would like to hear more about Business and Technology integration and Technology Proving on RBS and how this is working then sign up for the event by e-mailing sara.macann@capco.com.

Priority is given to those not on Simon’s team, and those that haven’t been to a breakfast before to give others an opportunity to find out what is going on elsewhere in the account and then on a first come first served basis.

Knowledge is power (L&D Meet the team & Plan H2)

Monday, Sep. 28th, 6pm

77-79 Great Eastern Street


Pleased to say that over 60% of the account has completed the L&D Survey we sent last week so thank you! Come to meet the new L&D RBS team and to find out what training opportunities we will be organising in H2 based on your feedback, what ideas we have to encourage the knowledge transfer within our team so please come and share your thoughts. Knowledge is power so get involved and let’s make the team stronger than ever.

Two truths & one lie...

For this month's issue, we have asked the three representatives from the lively W&G Change Management team to give three facts about themselves; the twist is that one of the three facts is false! Can you guess which?

(Keep reading the newsletter until the end and you will find out the answers).

RBS in the news

  • The government commenced the sale of their stake in RBS with an initial offering of 5.4% which resulted in a loss for the taxpayer of £1.1bn. For the full Telegraph article press here. According to the FT, George Osborne aims to sell the government’s stake in Lloyds Banking Group within a year, prompting concern that he is rushing to privatise state-backed lenders at the expense of taxpayers.

  • As part of the strategy to focus on UK retail and corporate banking, RBS has agreed to sell its fund business, based in Luxembourg. Read more here.

  • RBS executives have received bonuses of £1.8m, which have been paid in the form of Stock awards in order to circumvent EU regulations on bonuses, CEO Ross McEwan, however, has pledged his share to Charity. Full article here.

  • One last interesting article I came across the other week looks at UK challenger banks and "how challenging can challenger banks really be?"
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10 answers with…. David Chen

As the Guess Who section was missed out last month, tell us something nobody on the account knows?

I absolutely love Karaoke and singing. There is nothing better than booking a private karaoke room and belting out a Bon Jovi to release some steam.

How long have you been at Capco, and what were you doing before?

I have been in Capco for just about 4 months. Previously I was working at Monash University as a teaching associate whilst studying my Master of Applied Finance. I also worked at a large retail bank in Australia and within several large start-ups which were subsequently acquired.

What is your role on the RBS Account?

I am in the W&G Technology Command & Control Planning Team. I monitor and conduct assurance activities across the 11 Technology workstreams. This, along with other key MI, is then reported upwards to Central PMO for Nick Perkins and various other stakeholders. One of our focus areas at the moment is automating what we do so that we can add value in other key areas such as milestone metrics and change analysis.

What do you find are your biggest challenges at work?

The biggest challenge is continually innovating what we do in C&C- finding new and better ways of doing the day to day number crunching so we can free up time to better add value to the client by providing analysis on trends and other insights. We have already achieved so much but there is so much more than we can do to streamline processes and create useful tools and standardized reports.

Who inspires you and why?

My father. He is humble, kind, generous, honest and driven. I am grateful to him for giving me everything he didn’t have through self-sacrifice and for painstakingly teaching me the times table when I was barely 7 years old and then algebra shortly after. He inspires me through his hard work and dedication.

What’s your favourite town/city in the world? Why?

My hometown Melbourne. Why? The BEST coffee in the world; An abundance of quality brunch restaurants; Unpredictable climate- the only place where you can expect 4 seasons in a day –30 degrees and sunny then suddenly rain, hail, strong winds, thunder all before returning to blue skies; The laneways. The street-art. The culture; A devotion to Australian Rules Football, a game that no-one else plays; The best sporting precinct I’ve ever experienced. The Melbourne Cricket Ground next to world class tennis courts and other huge stadiums; Never too cold (or too hot for that matter). You can expect most of the year to be between 15-25 degrees; Top transport options with trams covering the entire city; An easy to navigate city, with everything sitting neatly between square and rectangular blocks; Finally, BBQ’s, Beaches, Beer and Boomerangs.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I’d start my own angel/venture capital investment fund. I’d fly around the world listening to financing pitches from passionate entrepreneurs and utilize my network to add value. I’d like to be very hands on in my investments as well as diversifying across trending industries. In addition I’d buy a cricket team in the Indian Premier League and build a super team around Steve Smith.

Where would you go in a time machine?

I would go to China in 169 AD, set at the time of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms (ROTK) period. I’m a big fan of Chinese history and especially the ROTK novels. ROTK is the Chinese equivalent to Game of Thrones. I recommend the ROTK novels and Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.

If you could invite four famous people to dinner, who would you choose and why?

Warren Buffet, George Soros, Richie Benaud and Jack Ma.

Richie because he is just a class act and has given me the best moments of cricketing commentary ever.

“Morning Everyone”, “Marvelous”

“Gatting has absolutely no idea what has happened to it ... he still doesn’t know!”

“And Glenn McGrath dismissed for two… just 98 runs short of his century”

What a legend. We’d sit there chatting and reminiscing on the Steve Waugh’s dream team absolutely crushing everyone in our path.

George Soros and Warren Buffet for their investment instinct and foresight. I’d pick their brains discussing what drives their investment decisions.

Jack Ma because he has one of the most profound rag-to-riches story. This man fails his college exam- TWICE, applies for KFC -gets rejected and was only successful on his third try at an internet company. When you think the going is tough, think of what this man had to go through to obtain success.

3 words to sum up your experience so far at RBS?

Tough ask with only 3 words! RBS has a great environment where you’re pushed to reach your potential, exposed to one of the world’s largest change programmes and constantly innovating the way we provide our services to the client. You are also supported by approachable, understanding and like-minded colleagues.

Learning & DEvelopment


  • AGILE Methodology
Thursday, September 3rd, 2015 - Friday, September 4th, 2015
  • Consulting 201

Monday, September 21st - Wednesday, September 23rd 2015

[For the full list of the available internal training in September, watch out the white board near the elevators on the 1st floor in GES]

Contact me (miruna.balan@capco.com) or Dorka (Dorota.Martinkova@capco.com) if you have any questions.


Saturday, September 12, 2015 at 9:30 AM - Sunday, September 13, 2015 at 5:30 PM

Price: £150 per Day, or £250 for Both.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015 at 08:30 - Thursday, 24 September 2015 at 19:00

Price: £400

Thank you for filling in the L&D survey that went out last month! As mentioned above in the Events section, we are working to find out what knowledge gaps are currently in our team, how we can do going forward to close those and what is the preferred way of training delivery.

what do you think?

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