Macbeth became flawed once his curiosity got the best of him. As the saying goes curiosity killed the act and in between his downward spiral and death, he became more and more human. He began feeling guilt and sadness for the things he'd done. He was happy, he was the thane of Glamis, and he had a loyal friend named Banquo and he went straight for the rock bottom faster than missile when he did not receive what he expected he grew hungry for it. Hungry enough to slaughter his former friends or to have them slaughtered.



V fought against the monster that the government had become. Everyone was censored, no one could speak bad about the government or they'd face death or imprisonment. He fought them with words and ideas. He didn't call the government out for being bad. He called out society for allowing this to happen, for not rising up and doing what is right. He pointed out the flaws in society and sparked a rebellion. He was successful but gave his life in the end for the cause