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Welcome to my VIP Shop!! I'm so excited you are here!! I cannot wait to share with you the most comfortable, modest, on-trend, stylish clothes you will ever own! Many of you have not heard of LuLaRoe, therefore I created this space to introduce, teach & guide you through our fabulous clothing line & shopping process!

All of my inventory is kept on hand and available online through facebook, pop-in at my house and through home-parties. Take a few moments and browse through, when you are ready go claim your treasures inside my Facebook VIP Group! NEW Inventory posted every Friday-Sunday!!



About Miriam

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About LuLaRoe

LuLaRoe’s simply comfortable clothing includes skirts, dresses, leggings, kimonos and tops. There is a wide variety of patterns and colors, and they are always changing! Only 5,000 prints are created and distributed. When I place my order I select style and size but my shipment prints are constantly changing. If you see something you love, grab it because Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

I have something for EVERYONE, Any Shape or Age! Sizes range from XXS – 3XL (0-24). I also carry girls clothing in sizes 2T – 14 and Men's shirts. My inventory is fabulous and composed of over 2,000 pieces and 20+ styles!

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When Inventory is released, it will be posted into albums by STYLE and organized by SIZE. Each photo also has a description with the size.


NEW Inventory posted every Friday!!

How to Shop- 3 Steps!

1. Click Photos >> Albums >> Select Style

2. Comment "SOLD"

3. Then click "LINK" to claim each item. Link appears in the caption of picture.

*** If you are unsure of the color, material, or stretch, please comment "SOLD PENDING QUESTION" and I will respond to you as soon as I can. Remember there is one of me, and many of you. Please be patient =) But this secures your item so nobody snatches it.

*** Missed the item? Comment "SOLD NEXT" to be second in line. I will notify you if that person passes.

*** I use Shop the Roe for tracking inventory. First time shoppers: Fill out Shop the Roe Form which will save your information for future shopping sprees! ((Returning users, please log-in)). Feel free to create a FREE account here beforehand:

*** No claims will be accepted prior to start time, only window shop. During Holiday Capsules- time stamps will be checked for fairness. Please be kind to other shoppers.


- In approximately 24 hours, check your Email (don’t forget to look in your spam folders) for the Invoice.Open invoice and Pay, Make sure to fill out ALL fields!

-Invoices must be PAID within 24 HOURS of receipt. I will post in the group once all invoices have been sent.

- I work hard to ship packages within 48 hours of payment.

- If you have ANY questions about your order, please email me at or simply REPLY to the invoice email.

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You will notice that Lularoe sizing is not the same as walking into a department store. All albums found in my shop will have a Sizing Chart for each style along with example photos on how styles look on different body shapes. Please refer to them for styling tips as well!!

Simplify your Sizing Card

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"My Size Card" to print for personal use!

Save Image- then send to printer.
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All sales are final. Exchanges only within 14 days of purchase and Item(s) must be unwashed, unworn, with tags still attached. Customer is responsible for ALL return shipping charges. Exchanges must be made within 2 days of product being received by LuLaRoe Miriam McDonnell. All Lindsay, Monroe, Mimi's, Joys and Sarah Cardigans and other lace or sweater material products are final sale.

Once returned item is received, you will be issued a "credit" in the amount of the original purchase price. Your credit can be used on ANY item in my boutique and is good for the next pop up. Please start the Exchange process by filling out this form then Private Messaging me a picture of your items

Shipping & Sales Tax

TAX: Will be automatically assigned by law based on our location, West Covina, CA at 8.75%

Prices of Clothing do not include Sales Tax or Shipping.

Rates below are within the Continental United States, APO's Okay.

*International shipping charges apply. Rates vary depending on location.

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THANK YOU for your understanding of my shopping policies and procedures. They are set in place to help provide a fun, fair, and efficient shopping experience for all of our amazing customers.

Caring for your Lula

Please be gentle with your Lula and careful with your jewelry as they might snag. Please put on your leggings carefully as if they are panty hose. Solid dyed pieces should be hand washed separately in cold water and hung dry to avoid bleeding onto other items. To set the color of your Joy please soak in vinegar then wash in cold water. Read ALL care instructions on ALL pieces. Hang up to dry or you will be sad!

Gift Certificates Available

Treat your loved ones with the most comfortable clothes, let them pick their favorite pieces via private shopping experience with me! Your gift will be appreciated year round! OR Let your Significant other know what YOU REALLY WANT!!! "LULA"... Gift Cards can be shipped or electronically distributed (for those last minute gifts). Contact me to purchase!
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Host a Pop-Up Boutique, home or online and earn free clothes or Raise money with a Lularoe Fundraiser (does not need be an organization) ask me how!

I LOVE hosting online parties!! Want to join my Monthly Battle of the Hostess? SUPER fun way to earn free clothes while hosting online with other ladies, takes the pressure off and gives a chance to earn DOUBLE rewards. Spaces fill up SUPER fast, Contact me to book!

Learn more here!!!

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Lularoe has completely changed my life and been a blessing to my family. I am currently a Trainer within Lularoe with a fantastic team composed of 30+ Men and Women. Our Team Pineapple Chicas has its own organized FB Group where I lead, empower and train! There is a strong support system beyond me with our upline leaders, our big team is the strongest within the company with 4 "Mentors" leading the path to success. One of My "Why's" and main purpose in my LuLaRoe journey is to pass on everything that I've learned to help you grow YOUR business and reach YOUR goals. I would LOVE for you to join my team and let me be the one to welcome you to this Amazing company!

If you are intrigued, I can email you a packet with information about joining. If you have further questions or would like to chat more, please reach me via PM, we can set up a Facetime, Call, in person meeting or any way that works best for you! Xo Miriam


This is the link to sign up when you are Ready to Join! (*note- Public ID is Your first and last name no spaces all lowercase)

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This company has done amazing things for my family. It truly has blessed us in so many ways from simple things to big lifestyle changes! Take a peek into my world!! Follow me on Instagram @lularoemiriammcdonnell to learn more about my crazy-fun life!! Here's a little tidbit....

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A Couple Videos about Lularoe

Dare to dream.
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