Letter to our Society

by Montag

Why did our Society change so much?

It changed so much because fun and happiness became the most important to us people. We prefer amusement over knowledge. School has changed back in time there where real teachers who you could ask questions and a teacher that doesn't just feed you with information.

Why aren't we allowed to read books?

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People use to read books until people felt offensive by them. So they started taking away those books and when more people got mad they took away "ALL" of the Books. But books aren't bad there are books that give you hope, let you dream, make you feel good, and most important they give you knowledge a teacher can't give you.

You might ask then why did they take away all of the books if there are good books too?

The government wanted to make it easy and take away all of the books so nobody has to feel offenses by them. They think it's the easy way to make people happy.

Are we even happy?

We don't talk to our family members about we feel, we are not connected to our family. Everybody is supposed to be happy then why are we not deeply happy?