Mrs. Faccio's 4th Grade Newsletter

October 31, 2013

What's Up in the Classroom

WKCE - WKCE testing begins next week on November 6. Students will be testing each day from 10-10:40 and 11-11:30. To accommodate for this disruption in our schedule, we will not be switching for math. Teachers are encouraged to give less homework during testing windows so students will not have math homework on testing days. They will still have reading, spelling and any test preparation that is needed.

Writing - We are moving on to narrative writing next week with an "Explode the Moment" experience. Ask your child about this on Monday as it is a secret right now!

Math - Division is our next math unit. We will be keeping students in their same classroom as multiplication. The skill was foreign to 95% of them so we will adjust as needed once the unit gets started.

Spelling - We will do the same sort as this week, next week. With the three-day week and the craziness of Wednesday, it just made more sense to continue working on the same sort.

Science - Students are finishing up the control system unit and will be testing next Friday. They all have a study guide and should be studying for a few minutes each night.

Laid Back / Tailgate Incentive

As you can see from the photos below, the students had a grand ole time at the Tailgate

Incentive. I, on the other hand, just barely survived! I am an organization nut and seeing my classroom in such disarray, almost made me cry. Their smiling faces made it worth it. Thank goodness we only do one of these a year!

The Student Council Election

We had four candidates from our class who bravely gave a speech at the 2013-2014 student council election. I am very proud of all of them and cannot wait to get the results on Monday. Classroom representatives will be voted on in the next couple of weeks.

State Senator Hansen

I hope that you all had a chance to read your child's letter from Senator Hansen. He was so impressed with the students creative ideas for bills. He said the state needs more students who are inspired to actively improve their lives and the lives of others in our state. He also said that people like us make Wisconsin such a great state; people who question the status quo and who wish to change the way they live for the better.