Earth and Moon

Author : Robin Kerrod / Book report by : Mackenzie Hughes

Lexile Level : 1001 Pages : 48


This book , Earth and Moon, is about the things that the Earths and moons mysteries that you might have not known. Did you know that water takes up 2/3 of Earths surface. Also no one knows how the moon was formed . I know some things about the Earth and the Moon but there are lots of things I have learned and discovered and lots for you to learn.
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The Earth and the Moon looking so close yet so far.

What makes the Earth ?

I found this graphic on page 8 . How this graphic supports the text is it shows the inside layers of Earth. The inside layers of Earth contain of the Earths crust, upper mantle,lower mantle,outer core, inner core. So it shows what the layers that make upthe Earth are.
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Author purpose

The authors purpose is to inform . How I know is that it gives true and logical facts about the Earth and the Moon. Also how I know that the author was trying to inform me is because I learned lots of things like In 1500s people thought that Earth was the center of the Universe and everything circled the Earth.