Volcano Project 2013

Lots of different choices to share your knowledge

This is your chance to use new technology or old to WOW us with your research!

A handout will be posted on edmodo and handed out in class that will cover the type of information that has to be included in your project, you get to decide how to share that information with the class!

Presentations will begins Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

You may work with up to 1 other person, but you must provide proof of collaboration, check out the collaborative tools on edmodo or check with Mrs. Dodge.
We will have 1 Monday to gather research and 1 Monday to tweak you presentation in the Computer Lab. Remember you can have additional time on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school, too!!

You will be assigned one of the three types of volcanoes, you must pick a specific one to research.

Start thinking about how volcanoes effect other spheres on the Earth.

Yes, you can build a model for your presentation!

All models must behave like their type of volcano. (violent or calm, ash or lava)

Mrs. Dodge

Check out protopage.com/dodgescience for rubric and project details

Use edmodo for digital story sites.

Try this brochure site as an option!