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Big Ideas from the week of November 9, 2015

The Week in Review

This past week we worked hard on new books in Guided Reading. After taking a break to administer our Benchmark Reading Assessment, it was so nice to be back in small groups talking about reading. We talked about how important it is that we apply what we learn in reading to things going on around us. Students were challenged to make connections from our book to growing our herb gardens. They also wrote letters to Mrs. Thoma and Mrs. Frederick telling them whether they thought the book they read this year should be read again next year. We just love how honest kids are! For the most part, kids loved our rocks, soil, mineral or garden books.

After a midway assessment on time, we determined that most of our students needed a lot more practice with elapsed time. Mrs. Frederick introduced the "Elapsed Time Mountain Strategy" and boy was it a hit! Ask your child to show you the elapsed time mountain strategy. Now that our students are showing a lot more confidence with elapsed time, we will be taking an assessment over time late this week. You can study for the test by working on these topics:

  • Tell time to the minute
  • Tell time two or more ways (ex. 12:15, quarter after 12, or 15 minutes after 2)
  • Tell elapsed time (ex. 2 hours after 4:15 is _____, the movie starts at 7:05 and ends at 9:25-how long is the movie, etc.)

In Science our herbs are growing and we couldn't be more pumped! Some herbs are growing better than others which has led to some very rich discussions. We talked a lot this week about Earth's natural resources. Ask your child if they can tell you a few! They should also be able to tell you that some resources are renewable and some are nonrenewable.

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Genius Hour...A Smashing Success!

Thank you for all your support for Genius Hour!

We can't thank you enough for all your support over the last several weeks to help us pull together an amazing event! The students loved having the chance to share their hard work with you! We hope that you had as much fun as we did. In addition to our Friday evening event, we had the light bulbs share their work with other students in the SLC this past Friday. It was a low key event and was a perfect way to wrap up this exciting project.

Now we are on to Genius Hour...round 2. How will the Light Bulb Labs G.I.V.E. back...stay tuned to find out!

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Coming Up Next...

On Monday we will send home our first Learner's Profile report. We wanted to make sure that these valuable reports made sense to our students. Therefore, we put the report in "kid" language and asked our students to evaluate themselves. We were so amazed with their honesty. They were very good at identifying their strengths and weaknesses. We hope that you will use these two documents to have a conversation with your child about what their goals should be for the second trimester.

Also this week, we will continue Fall Conferences. We want to thank the families that came in last week. We absolutely loved sharing your child's work with you and having a two way conversation about where you child is at, and how we can support him/her in the classroom and beyond our four walls. We are excited to have even more of these important conversations this week. Here is the link to the sign up genius if you need to confirm your time: