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Our goal is to provide quality support services that will maximize your learning experience. The following information will help you get started in your online course.

Course Access

Monday, Sept 22nd: Class officially begins
  • Login to your course(s) now -
    become familiar with the online classroom environment.
  • Instructors are still updating the courses -
    **Do not print the syllabus or other course materials until until classes officially begin.

Logging in to Butler Online in Canvas

Online students are expected to log on to their courses during the first week of classes.
  • Enter your username and password (same as your Pipeline username and password)
  • Don't know your login information? Having problems logging on?
    Contact the Butler Help Desk at 316.322.3306 (733.3306 from the Wichita metro area) or email helpdesk@butlercc.edu during business hours.

Check your Textbook

Have you purchased the correct text book and other required materials?
  • Check the syllabus to be sure.
  • You will need these by the first day of class so do not delay.
  • If you purchase the required materials somewhere other than the Butler Bookstore it is your responsibility to make sure you have the complete and correct materials.

Blended Courses

  • Students in blended courses should log on by the first day of class.
  • Read the syllabus and check the assignments for week 1.
    Even if there is not a class meeting during the first week of the semester your class starts September 22nd.

Getting Help

Canvas Help - click the Help button in the top right corner of any Canvas page.
Course Content Help - email your instructor in Canvas.
Technical Help - contact the Butler Help Desk at 316.322.3306 (733.3306 - Wichita metro area) or email helpdesk@butlercc.edu .
  • Technical support is available Monday – Friday, 8:00 am. – 8:00 pm. on days college offices are open.
  • Be sure that you have your course number (CRN) and instructor name available before calling.

View this Introduction to Canvas video

Introduction to Canvas

Online Orientation

Need Help Getting Started?
  • Contact your instructor if you have difficulty getting started in the course
  • Complete the virtual orientation at https://online.butlercc.edu/courses/862921
    Take some time to explore the site and try the suggested activities.

Butler Online Department - We are here to help you.

Debbie O’Bryan
316.322.3120 (733.3120 from Wichita metro)

Linda Wapelhorst

Roberta Sheahan
316.322.3271 (733.3271 from Wichita metro)

Catherine Zoerb



Christian Ramsey


Sheila Croninger



NOTE to Math students:

MA050, MA060, MA120, MA125

Students enrolled in the math classes listed above will not be using Canvas as the learning management system. Instead, Hawkes software will be used. You will receive an email in Pipeline from your instructor explaining how to get started in Hawkes.

MA 131, MA135

Students enrolled in MA 131 and MA135 will use the MyMathLab Software. You will receive an email from your instructor explaining how to access your course materials and get started in MyMathLab.