Treasure Team Newsletter

November/December Team Celebrations!

A New Year, A New Catalog and a New Outlook

Happy New Year Treasures!

What will 2015 look like on December 31st, 2015? How will you feel about your business, your success and most importantly, your ability to set your goals and stick to them?

To set yourself up for success in 2015, look at four considerations.

1. Self-reflection

2.Your emotional WHY

3. Your vision

4. Your goals

I am so excited to work with you! We will be looking at these four considerations and much more! There will be training opportunities coming your way this season.

You are amazing women and I am blessed to have gotten to know each one of you!

Tiffany's Stats ..November PV $4,210 and December PV $5,045.50 and 1 recruit each month.

Welcome to the Team Girls!!!

Kelli Dixon, Sponsored by Tiffany Buege in November

Sandy Dorothy, Sponsored by Andrea Hopgood in December

Melinda Garcia- Castro, Sponsored by Tiffany Buege in December

We are excited to have you!

Jennifer Kuchta grew her team in December!

Top Party Girls with November PV over $1000!!! You are AWESOME!

Jennifer Kuchta $4,429 6 Parties

Kelli Dixon $1,706 4 Parties

Ashley Coster-Dieter $1,117 3 Parties

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Top December Party Girls with PV over $1000!!! YOU ROCK!!!

Jennifer Kuchta $4,356.76 7 Parties

Kelly Dixon $1,435.67 3 Parties

Lindsey Friedeck $1,229.97 2 Parties

Kimberlee Bartell $1,053.50 1 Party

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WOO HOO TO YOU!!!! Way to go earning Level 1!!! YOU DID IT!!!

Holly Bentfield

Toni Burns

Erin Blome

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WOO TO YOU YOU!!! Way to go earning Level 2!!! AWESOME JOB!

Kimberlee Bartell

Kayla Woyak

Nicole Blei

Dani Petersdorff

Erica Lawrence

Kelli Dixon

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Congratulations to Jennifer Kuchta for making Lindsey Hale's November and December Director News Letter in both Team and Personal Sales! I am so proud of you!!!

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Big image

WOO HOO TO YOU!!!! What an AMAZING JOB earing Level 3!!!!!

Jennifer Kuchta

Lindsey Friedeck

Tiffany Buege

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Holly Bentfield

Rosalie Benson

Kimberlee Bartell