Compression and File Types

What's it all about?


Compression is a term in computing to describe the process of reducing the size (and the memory it uses) of a file. We compress files to make it easier to download, store and stream computer files.
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There are two types of compression...

  • Lossy compression makes files smaller by deleting data from the document. For example, a lossy compression would make reduce the quality of an image to reduce it's size. After a lossy compression takes place, the original file cannot be retrieved again.

  • Lossless compression does not delete any data, but rather shrinks the document to reduce the file size. This type of compression can allow you to restore the file to what it was like before compression, if you desire so, however it isn't as efficient as compressing data than lossy compression.

Different types of files can be lossy or lossless. MP3 audio files are a lossy file type.


PNG, JPEG and Gifs are 3 different types of