The Test Results are In!!!!!!

...and Here's What They Show

PARCC Scores are back for West Junior High School

It's time to talk test results and get a game plan to meet our students' needs. But first the good news:

Our average daily attendance is 95.8% above the National Average.

Highest Proficiency Percentage is in Main Idea, Plot, and Purpose.

All grades maintained or improved scores from last year's test scores.

West Junior High Literacy Conference

Monday, July 18th, 9am

331 West Barton Avenue

West Memphis, AR

The Faculty and Staff will meet in July to conference and discuss new strategies and innovations to improve our Reading scores for the next school year. New implementations include Kagan Strategies, Literacy Lab Training by Ken Stamatis and Harding University and Teaching Reading Across the Curriculum.


8:30-9:00 Breakfast

9:00-11:00 Introduction to Literacy Lab Program to be implemented in Fall 2016

11-12:30 Lunch on Your Own

12:30-2:30 Two Workshops:

Literacy Teachers: Workshop on Kagan Strategies for the classroom-Several Kagan Strategies will be introduced and demonstrated to be used in the literacy classrooms.

All Other Core Subjects: Teaching Reading Across the Curriculum- Ways to enhance and strengthen reading skills across the curriculum will be demonstrated by literacy coach.