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March 23, 2015

Happy Monday!

Good Morning and welcome back from Spring Break!! I hope everyone had a well deserved break. I for one am excited to be back with all of you. During this last week, I got super sick and had to visit the emergency room. Thankfully, after a number of tests, the doctors determined it was treatable and provided me with some medicine. It was a bad virus (pneumonia like - YIKES).

Testing is around the corner. Be sure to take time to review with your students how to mentally and physically prepare for the test. At minimum, it is important our students get enough sleep (8-10 hours), eat a healthy breakfast and drink plenty of water during the day. In addition, now is a good time to start checking in with our amazing teachers to find out what materials they need for testing (extra pencils, scratch paper etc.)

Two quick reminders: 1) our Principal Portfolio Meeting is this week on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at Memorial High School. 2) Site budgets due date is 3/31 to the ILD via email (email from Kay Schmitz).

Have an AMAZING Week!

-Your ILD, Julio César Contreras


Attendance Rates for March

Below is a summary of student attendance for the first two weeks of March (excluding Friday, March 13th). OUTSTANDING WORK! Our overall attendance continues to hover around 90%. Big shout out to East Central Jr, Hale Jr and Memorial Jr for getting a daily attendance rate of 93%. I know many of you are implementing incentives - keep it up.

I have also include a link to access the image of the data
Click here for the latest attendance data chart

I have also included an overall snapshot of our portfolio attendance for this year as of 3/4/15:

*Click here to access last our overall attendance data chart

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6 Steps of Highly Effective Feedback: The Self-Assessment

Recently, we all took a self-assessment of how comfortable and implementation of 6 steps of highly effective feedback. During our next visits, we will review your submission and draft a plan for developing your skill set to the next stage.

Click here for the one page self-assessment

Click here for the one page resource on 6 Steps of Highly Effective Feedback.

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Are you aware that the Teach Like A Champion 2.0 has recently been released? It has more techniques/moves for teachers and administrators to learn from.

I picked up my copy earlier this year and have been reviewing it. While it does not impact our three priority moves: No Opt Out, Normalizing Error, and Positive Framing, version 2.0 does offer up additional videos to reinforce our learning.

HINT: Once you get your copy of the been, in the back of the book there is a code for you to access the online professional library of resources related to the book. Enjoy!
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Have You Heard???

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10 Reasons Why We Can't Afford To Cut Education Funding

As you might have seen, House Republicans released their Fiscal Year 2016 budget this week — and to put it very simply, its priorities are pretty different from those in the President’s budget. The House GOP would cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires, all while slashing investments in the middle class that we know would grow the economy — particularly in job training, manufacturing, and education.

Their budget would cut funding for pre-k through 12 education (also known as “Title I Funding”) by $3.1 billion. That money could fund 4,500 schools, 17,000 teachers and aides, and 1.9 million students.

Earlier this week, the President met with superintendents and other school officials from all across the country. Each of them brought at least one object — from photos to books to charts — that represented what this vital funding means to their school districts.

Every American should know exactly what disinvestment in Pre-K through 12 education would mean for school districts around the country.

Click here to read more

District Information

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History in the Making....McLain Hs & Central Hs

The last time two TPS teams played each against each other in the State Championship was 1985. However, this past Saturday, March 14, 2015, Cental and McClain Hs met to see who is the best on the court.

Central Hs took the championship, but both teams are deserving of our support and recognition for putting forth their best.

Congrats to both teams for making History - yet again! Read more about it here.
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OUTSTANDING! We have hit 100% for Reading Partners at Cooper!

Thank you for passing the word along and for volunteering your time as a Reading Partner. Our young readers appreciate your support. Be on the look out for more opportunities to get involved. In fact...If you are interested -> We can use about 3 more Reading Partner volunteers at Cooper. There are still students are the wait list in need of a Reading Partner.

If you are interested or know of someone who can get involved be sure to pass the following information along:

To sign up, go to For questions, email or call 918-671-9689.

Important Dates

3/23 Quarter 4 starts
3/25 Principal Portfolio Meeting @ Memorial HS 8:30-2:30
3/31 School Site Budgets due to ILD via email

** 4/3 Early Release Day

Star Student of The week


Daline is a student leader by her own right. She balances academics, sports and student committee work. Lets get to know her a bit more...

Q. What is something interesting about yourself?

A. I am the oldest of 6. I have three brothers and two sisters.

Q. What would you like to study?

A. I would like to be an Athletic Trainer in the NBA

Q. What is an accomplishment you have had?

A. I am the Captain of the Volleyball Team and I have earned All-Tournament Honors on two occasions

Q. How do you spend your freetime?

A. I work at the Zoo to earn money for college

Keep up the GREAT WORK Dalina! You make a difference!

Community Outreach

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Your School Website...

In today's day and age, people want information within two - three clicks and ready when they look for it. As an education institute, one avenue for sharing information regarding our school is through our school website.

As a school, I propose the following questions:
- Who is your school content manager for the website?
- How often does it get updated?
- Do you and/or your leadership team take time to review your website?
- Do you have any analytic to track your users and pages visited the most?

Below is a link I recently came across. I hope you find it useful.


Tops 12 Tips to Creating an Effective School Website

Get To Know...

One Of Our Leaders...Meet Brian

1) What was your favorite TV show growing up? A) Star Trek
2) How do you spend your freetime? A) Reading, Gardening and Grilling
3) If you could travel anywhere, where would that be? A) Russia- I've always wanted to ride the Trans-Siberian railroad across Europe and Asia
4) Who is someone that inspires you? A) My father- for his quiet kindness and generous spirit

5) Who would you like interviewed next? A) Rachel Nicholas