The Pomsky Dog

By:Bella Ott,and Andrea Knapp

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Many people do not know about Pomskys.So thats why you need to read this!

A Mixed Breed.

Pomskys are a mixed breed.A mixed breed is a dog breed that was created from two different dog breeds.A Pomsky is a husky and a Pomeranian mixed breed.They are not purebred.

As A Pet

A Pomsky will coust about $1,000.A Pomsky needs a warm and cozy environment/house.Your Pomsky will be protective of you.All ways have food out for your dog,refill its food bow if he or she eats it all,same with water.Your Pomsky will be trained easily .Groom your pet every day.Reger baths (1 a moth) will keep your Pomsky clean and fluffy.Your Pomsky my have bad dental issues.Be sure you take good care of your Pomsky.

Fun Fun Facts

Pomsky can wight 20-30 lbs.They are 10-15 in tall.Pomskys are in the toy group.They can live up to 15 years or older.Pomsky are very intelligent dogs.Pomsky are the top dog of 2016.