Educational Apps

Five Apps that can be used in the classroom


​With technological influence rapidly growing in everyday life, the education sphere is forced to keep up. One of the ways in which the education world has done so is through the use of Apps. Below, I have listed just a few of many Apps that are excellent tools for both students and teachers in a K-12 classroom. Enjoy!

1) iStudiez Pro

​iStudiez Pro is a mobile student planner that can track basically whatever a student would want it to. From grades to exam schedules, iStudiez allows students to track their activities. By having this sort of planner at their fingertips, students can keep an eye on their grades on progress, avoid forgetting about assignments and exams, and plan their study schedules ahead of time.

2) SimpleMind

​SimpleMind is an App that allows individuals to create Mindmaps using their mobile devices or tablets. It is an excellent resource for planning out projects, understanding relationships between concepts. SimpleMind can also be seen as beneficial in terms of notetaking. Its simplicity allows students to quickly jot down information without having to navigate from different templates and other things that may prolong one's notetaking process.

iPads in Schools - How to use Simple Mind

3) Evernote

Evernote is an App that allows students to take notes. Whether it is a quick jot note or reminder, or class notes on concepts, Evernote is a neat tool with limitless storage that makes note taking easy. Though one can simply use a laptop to take notes, having the ability to do so on a mobile device is much more convenient than constantly lugging around a laptop, or having to take it out every time a student needs to write something down.

4) EasyBib

Popular among high school and post secondary students, EasyBib is an App that allows students to properly reference their sources. Learning how to cite source can be tricky, and students often make mistakes that can make the difference between proper citation, and plagerism. With EasyBib, students don't have to worry about wrongfully sourcing their information. By plugging in information such as the name of the original author, title of the book or article, and publication date, EasyBib not only gives students a proper bibliographical citation, but also shows students how to properly cite information within their texts as well.

5) Wikipedia

Though it shouldn't solely be used as an information centre, the Wikipedia App can be greatly beneficial for both students and teachers. Wikipedia can be useful for students who want to take a look at a general definition of a concept, person, or event. The same can be said for teachers. Wikipedia can definitely be the perfect launch pad for students and teachers to broaden their knowledge.