Valentine's Day Fun

Celebrate love and kindness.

Share what Makes YOUR HEART SMILE!

Auggie makes Random House Kids #smilekind! Share what makes your heart smile, and they will donate $1 to @operationsmile!
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For K-3 Students

Looking for fun activities to do at home? Read these ideas from a classroom teacher.

Visit these interactive sites:

and choose the "Social Studies" database. Select Holidays and find a informational text on Valentine's Day. Discover a fact or two that are new to you!
Remember username for PebbleGo is: region6 and password is: read.

For Grades 3-6

Explore Wonderopolis, a great site and learn more about topics such as: Is your heart really heart shaped? What kind of chocolate do you like best? Is chocolate good for you?

Write your own story of love and friendship on this Valentine's Day. Visit
Have your parents create a free account with you and start choosing artwork that stimulates creative writing.

More Fun through EXPLORE IT website. Visit:

Check out Steve Spangler and some students share their Valentine Science Experiments:

Steve's Valentine Candy Science:

Did you forget to send Valentine to your grandparents? Send them a virtual one using
Make sure you have your parents' permission and supervision.