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December 8, 2014

Celebrate NP3 for Well Integrated Social and Emotional Learning!

Studies show that sustained and well-integrated social and emotional learning engages students and improves achievement. One of the ways this is addressed at NP3 is through the Advisory Program. Advisory is a place for our students to connect with not only their peers, but their Advisors as well. The video below provides 5 key skills students can focus on in order to foster their social and emotional learning. These are skills teachers can help facilitate and practice with students in the classroom!

NP3 is so great because so many of the staff apply some of these skills in the classroom already! For example, one of the key skills is relationship building - this is something our Advisory Program is built around! Teachers at NP3 practice this by connecting with students and building relationships by helping students resolve conflict, express their thoughts and feelings and guide them in making better decisions every day! What else can you start doing in the classroom that will help build a better relationship with students?

Video: How does social and emotional learning affect academics?

NP3 Announcements Mateys!

For Teachers Only:

·GRADES: Grades are due Thursday Dec 11 4pm.

·PREP THIS WEEK: Prep is to be spent with your team to work on RCs. Grade entry should be completed by Sunday 12/7 and RCs should be worked on during the week.

·S DRIVE: Plan on no return for the S Drive. There will be a replacement, but the date is unknown. Until then, use google docs for student work - google docs is a guarantee for saving. If students can't access google docs, add a work order.

·6th Celebration: The next one is 1/9.

·Enrichment forms: Make sure to get them into the counselors each day this week.

·Team Reflections: Remember to schedule an appointment with Anzelc in December for team goal reflections! Those of you who haven't made an appt will have one made on your behalf.

·Learning Log Check for Understanding: Remember to schedule an appointment with Anzelc in January for a learning log soiree and feedback!

·Semester 2 Activities: Make sure you sign up for them outside of the counseling offices.

·Parent Conferences: If you need admin or counselors to attend, please let us know asap. We book up fast!

·Parent Conferences: Send Hunt a copy of your schedule!

·Library Tutoring: Is done for the semester. The next session of tutoring will run January 14-Feb 25.

·Library is closed: Week of Dec 15.

·PLANNING FOR JANUARY: Mon Jan 5th is a minimum day and the rest of the 1st week back is extended Advisory!

Share with Advisees:

·Save the date!!!! : Incoming 9th Grade Parent Night for current 8th graders, or any parent who would like information about the HS is on January 21st 6-7pm.

·DC/NYC 8th Trip 2016: 7th grade parents have voted for DC/NYC 2016. Registration info will be handed out Monday and parents will be able to start registering their child for the trip next week. Contact Ms. Silas for any additional questions.

· Booster Meeting: Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend the next booster meeting is Dec 8th in the NP3 Library.

·Enrichment forms: Make sure parent signatures get on the forms!

·Candy Cane Sale: Dec 8 & 9 at lunch with student govt kiddos!

·Conference Week: Is December 15-19. Please sign-up with your kiddo's advisor!

·Spirit Week: December 8th-12th!!!!!!! Dress up Pirates!!!

·Winter Dance: Dec 12th, 3:30-5:30. Please pick up your kiddos at 5:30 as it will be dark!

·Library Tutoring: Is done for the semester. The next session of tutoring will run January 14-Feb 25.

·Library is closed: Week of Dec 15.