Soar Assignments

Norfolk Jr. High

By Rylee Finkhaus

Giant Spider Scares Young Girl!

On Wednesday at around one fifteen p.m in Andersonville,Georgia, a young girl around the age of twelve is rushed to hospital after a bad scare! Miss Muffet claims that she was sitting on a tuffet minding her own business eating her afternoon snack, when a spider swings down and scares Miss Muffet. Miss Muffet was so scared, that when she ran away she collided with a tall tree. Steven Banks , a family friend, found Miss.Muffet unconscious on the ground and instantly calls for help. A reliable source says that Steven held Miss Muffet’s hand while waiting for the ambulance and then demanded that he ride with her to the hospital! Lydia Muffet claims that she does not remember anything after running away after Mrs. Spider scared her. She claims that she shouldn’t have ran away like that, but she is deathly afraid of spiders. We decided to go and ask Mrs. Spider why she scared Lydia. When we asked Mrs.Spider, she claimed that she did not mean to scare Miss Muffet.She was just going to ask if she would move, because she was sitting on her children’s bed. Mrs.Spider said, “I sincerely did not mean to scare her and I hope she is alright, and I will be sure to stop by when my husband gets home to take care of our children.” Mrs.Spider also claims that she is very overprotective of her children and probably shouldn't have came down that quickly with the angry look on her face, but she was upset because she worked very hard on their bed to make it homey. “I was angry because that took me weeks to do and someone just came along and sat down in their bed.” Mrs. Violet Spider explains.

Lydia Muffet is being treated for a concussion at the county hospital in a nearby town. Later in the week, a reliable source claims that Mrs.Violet Spider was seen walking into the hospital and the two even are meeting up for tea when Lydia gets out of the hospital later this week

Movie Review

Keith is a romance movie that is about two teens named Keith and Natalie that have a very special love story. Natalie thinks she has it all with a full tennis scholarship, yearbook editor, star athlete, and she is the reigning social queen. Secretive Keith enters Natalie’s life and is assigned to be her chemistry partner and Natalie hates it. Soon, Keith takes Natalie on various adventures. Keith takes her from her comfort zone and makes her live life a little. Natalie soon slowly starts falling for him and that causes problems with her tennis career, her relationship with her boyfriend, Raf, and her school work. Keith then starts pulling away from Natalie and drives her insane. She gets suspended from school and returns to see Keith no where to be seen. She shows up to his ‘house’ to see that he lied about where he lived. She soon finds out Keith’s real address and darts over there to talk to him. He refuses to talk to her and is sent off by his father. Later on, she finds out that Keith is very sick and she wants to spend as much time with him as possible. As Keith gets sicker, he gets angrier and pulls away more, but Natalie will have none of that. Keith tells Natalie about his plan to leave town and it makes Natalie angry. At the bus station, they do a heart warming goodbye scene. Soon, Natalie is alone again.

Feature story


The Vine group Magcon was gone almost as fast as they started. The founder of the group Bart Bordelon saw the former group member’s Aaron Carpenter’s self-managed meet and greet at a mall and hundreds of girls showed up. Bart instantly got an idea and he knew he had something. Their first event was held in November and 400 girls showed up. The next event held 1500 and by the fifth show they were selling out in under 30 seconds. People may ask, What is the point of Magcon in the first place? The point is that fans of popular vine celebrities get to meet their idols, hug them, and take a few pictures with them. These girls are so crazy about Magcon, because just like if Magcon were your favorite television show they want to know more and more about the group. The group brings Social Media to life. People may also ask, “Why is this group such a big hit?” Well, I believe in my own opinion it is because these boys only have the talent with making funny seven second videos and they still mean a lot to many people. Also, because this group saves many girls lives. Even if the boys don’t know they exist, they still get comfort and confidence by watching their videos. On April 17, the group made an announcement that Magcon was ending. One of the group’s members also popular on Youtube, Nash Grier, made a youtube video explaining the situation. In his video, he explained that the group will still travel the country and do meet and greets, but they just won't be using the name Magcon. The reason the group won't be using the name Magcon is because three of the members, Carter Reynolds, Hayse Grier, and Cameron Dallas, are all signed with 26 management that is headed by Grier’s father. Nash also explained that Magcon’s management and 26 management couldn’t agree on what is best for them. Grier also said in his video “Don’t worry. Everything is going to be okay.” Also many of the members like Jack Johnson have tweeted several tweets about the situation. Two of Johnson’s tweets are: “It’s no joke haha. Doesn’t mean we aren’t all still brothers. Just finding better opportunities is all.” and “I love everyone. I hope you are still here to support us no matter what. If not I won’t blame you, but you guys are the best fans ever.”

Matthew Espinosa, Carter Reynolds, and many more of the group have been featured in a new tour called The Sunsation tour. Will the Sunsation tour be the new Magcon?

Auto biography

Rylee Finkhaus was recognized for being one of Florida's best Marine biologists. Rylee has been in the marine biology industry for about 15 years. She's went to Norfolk Sr. High where she competed in volleyball and was also in yearbook. After graduating high school, she studied at the University of Nebraska where she got her bachelor's degree and her master's degree. Rylee loves to travel around the world with her husband and their two children. They recently have came back from a week trip to Hawaii. Her hobbies include traveling around the world, attending her kid's events, along with writing. Writing is Rylee's favorite thing to do in her free time. In the future, Rylee hopes to travel to Ireland and Australia and when she retires, to be an author from home. Her kindness, carefree, outgoing, and determined personality is the reason where she is today. We look forward to what is in store for Rylee.

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Pandora is on Top of the List!

The app Pandora is used for people’s enjoyment in music. This app plays all of the newest songs and artists. You simply go up to the search bar and type in the name of the song or the artist and it creates a station so you can listen to that artist and artists with similar music. Every song that is played you have a choice to either press the like button if you love it, the dislike button if you dont want to hear it again, and you can choose the skip button if you just want to skip it. In Pandora, you can make up to 100 stations and if you don't like one, you can simply hit the delete button. If you want to rename your station, you even have the option to do that! I think this app is a great app because for one thing, it’s school appropriate, also it plays the music you like!

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