Should we have STAAR??


NO we shouldn't !!!

No I don't think we should have STAAR test. Most of students don't past the grade or to the next level because the STAAR test. When you take the STAAR test that would be 15% of your grades so is it worth having good grade.

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Mom's claim

most of the mom's don't want their kids taking the STAAR test it might be they don't want them to fail or they just think it redeculest to take them according to I am not a mom or a teacher but I don't think we should take them at all most of the teacher or should I say not one teacher know what is on the STAAR test so what about they don't teach us what on it so we got no choice but to guess.

My claim

My claim is that we shouldn't have STAAR test because what's the point of taking them or even doing work for the school year because teacher don't know what's on the test after we take the test. I just don't think its fear to have them you might be the best student have the best grades of the school and still felt the year for missing one question from the STAAR or just not passing it what does all the hard work go in to.

I mean like it would be fear if the teacher know what's on the STAAR and teach us that then I would think we need to take them.


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