Francisco Pizarro

Explorer, soldier, leader.

1.When was he Born? What did he do? When did he die?

He was born in Trujillo, Spain, 1475. And died sometime around June 26, 1541 in the capital of Panama, Lima. He was a Spanish explorer who conquered the Inca.

2.What nation did he sail for? Who financed his voyages?

He sailed for his home country of Spain. When he was younger, he heard of a new land over East. He was filled with excitement and wanted to gain fortune and adventure.
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3. How did he die?

Francisco had a partner named Diego de Almagro. Even though they worked together, they didn't get along very well. Three years after Pizarro had conquered the Incan empire, he founded the city Lima. Given permission by the king of Spain, he would become governor of any land he had found. So he took Cuzco and Lima. Tension grew between the old explorers who claimed to have already found the land, and new explorers who wanted some. It soon came down to Pizarro and Almagro. "Almagro engaged Pizarro and his brothers in the Battle of Las Salinas." When Pizarro won, he sent his brother to have Almagro executed. In retaliation, one of Almagro's followers found Pizarro in Lima and assassinated him.
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4.What was he known for? What did he achieve?

He was known for sailing to Peru and finding the Incan empire. He conquered them and took their gold, silver, and any other riches he could find. When the 13th emperor, Atahuallpa, had won a civil war between his half brother and him, he invited Pizarro and his men to a celebratory feast. When Pizarro arrived, he captured Atahuallpa and killed thousands of Incas. The emperor offered money for his release. Pizarro took the money plus some, then killed the emperor.


In the first link, it gives a synopsis of Pizarro's life and what he did.

In the second link, it talks about what he did with the Incan empire. How he affected them.

In the final link, it says things about how he conquered the Inca and it talks about his rivalry with Diego de Almagro.

The Most Evil Men In History - Francisco Pizarro

Which explorer would have influenced you to want to immigrate from Europe to the area they explored? Use evidence about the explorer to support your reasoning.

Francisco Pizarro would have influenced me to immigrate to Peru, which is what he explored. I would have wanted to go because he had conquered an empire, so he was/is kinda a big deal. If I could have met him, that would have been awesome. I could have seen the Machu Picchu while some Inca were still living there would be cool. There was also a lot of gold and silver there. And since Pizarro had made a new city, there would be job opportunities that need to be filled.

Another reason why I would have wanted to immigrate to Peru would be to see where the many battles took place. Like the battle of Cusco, or the one with Atahuallpa. Just to see where a major recent battle took place. I could possibly find a piece of a weapon or bone.(Souvenir!) I think the only reason I wouldn't want to go is the climate. I heard that it's really hot there.

I would also like to hike Huayna Picchu, which is the name of the mountain right behind the great city of Machu Picchu. I heard that they have their own aqueduct system that runs through and around the mountain. I would really want to go see that. (Mr.Oney probably already has!) Also the city alone is beautiful, and it would be an amazing experience to call that area my home.