Home work, new classes, NEW SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!

East middle school.

For 6th graders you will be going to the orange house. For every grade there is a different color house. 7th is Teal, and 8th is Green. For 6th graders you will go to lunch at 11:56 witch is at the end of 2nd block. GO EAGLES!!!!


There are lots of different electives. Like band, art, drama, computer class, facts, and P.E., now in 7th grade you'll have to do drama, but in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade you'll have to have P.E. so choose wisely.

Trust me you will NOT die

Pure pressure.

If some one is pure pressuring you into smoking, drugs, and some times dating,then these are the steps to avoid them,

  1. Talk to a teacher/ adult.
  2. Walk away if it happens again.
  3. Don't give in!


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Teachers in 6th grade.

  • Mr. Weldy - Math
  • Mrs. Giles - Math
  • Mr. Newman - Science
  • Mrs. Patten - ELA
  • Mrs. Christie - Social Studies
  • Mrs. Malin - ELA