Global warming

Jiho Choi

Earth is dying!

Nowadays, there are a lot of things that are killing the Earth, such as riding cars, increasing of trash, and deloping country with using a lot of oils. We are killing the Earth, either. However, people including us don't know that we are killing it, even though it's very serious problem. We should know this and should save the Earth.

What is going on with the Earth?

Global warming is the phenomenon that the average temperature of the suface of the Earth is increasing. After 19th century, when countries started to develop their industry, and this means they used a lot of things which are not good for the Earth, the average temperture of the Earth surface has started getting higher and higher. And now, the temperature is so high that scientists warn people about this seriously.
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How to save the Earth?

We can do something for our Earth, and we have to do this, it's not hard.

First, we should recycle. Reducing trash will help a lot with saving the Earth.

Second, using less electric product will help. To make electric, we should use oil, and using oil is bad for the Earth. When oil is turning to electric, the heat will be produced, and there will be a gas.

Third, we should not misuse the water. If we use less water, CO2 will decrease, which is kind of saving the Earth.

We have a lot of things more to save the Earth. From now on, we should participate. The one small thing you do will make huge difference for the Earth. Let's do it!

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We can save the Earth!

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