How ICT Enhances Lives

By Jess Muddimer

Visually impaired (partial or total blindness)

Braille keyboard

A braille keyboard is good for someone who is totally blind because they know how to read braille and by using this keyboard they would be able to type on to a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Screen Magnifier, Zoom

This would be good for someone who is partially blind because even though they are not completely blind they still have difficulty reading or seeing things, and by having this screen magnifier they would be able to read things more clearly.

Predictive Text

Predictive text can be used by someone who is partially visually impaired because they might not be able to concentrate on words for a long amount of time so by having predictive text they can start typing the word and then with the help of predictive text it can finish the word of for them or give suggestions on what the word could be.

Mobility Impaired

Limited physical mobility

Puff-sip switch

The puff-sip switch is used by being placed in someones mouth and then it is connected to a computer, it can then be used in a number of different things. This is good for someone with limited physical mobility because it is not only very helpful but it has more than one use.

Foot Mouse

A foot mouse would also be helpful for someone who has limited physical mobility because it is very useful, it would be most useful for someone who has no use of their hands or arms. The foot mouse helps you to navigate through websites, this would help people shop online and do practical stuff if they do not leave the house very often.

Eye Typer

An eye typer would be used by people who cannot use a hand or foot operated mouse, it is used by using a camera which focuses on the persons eyes and where ever they are looking on the screen the cursor follows, when the user wants to click they just simply blink. This is very practical for some one who is mobility impaired.

The Internet

The internet is very good for people with disability's such as someone who is motor impaired or someone who is visually impaired because it has made things easier for these people. With the internet impaired people feel more independent because it can help these people buy things they need, getting food delivered to their door. Also social media is good for impaired people because it gives them the independence to make new friends and communicate with other people and they can ask questions on the internet instead of asking someone. These people don't have much company and they like to do things themselves and don't really want sympathy but with the internet they obviously don't have all of their independence but they have gained more of it from being able to do things them selves by using the internet.