James Buchanan

United State's 15th President


Term : March 4th, 1857 - March 4th, 1861

Party : Democratic

Vice President : John C. Breckinridge

Election Opponents: John C. Fermont, and Millard Fillmore

America At This Time

America at this time was broken. Buchanan was set up with high hopes, that he would put an end to the question of slavery. Unfortunally he failed, and the us split between the union and confederacy.

Key People of the Presidency

"What is right and what is practible are two different things" -James Buchanan


Economic : James Buchanan was very time invested in the expansion of land, specifically in the west.

Foreign : Was limited to attempts to influence the Americas. Efforts to annex Cuba derailed because the island would surely have entered the Union as a slave state.

Domestic : leaning favor towards the confederacy, mainly because of the Dred Scott case.