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Zebra The Runner That Got Hit By a Car This Weekend

This weekend a boy named Zebra ran down a hill and got hit by a car, after his mom told him not too. The doctor told him that he most likely will not be able to run/walk again. Than a few weeks later the Doctor told him that he could walk/run again in a few weeks. Before that he was a really good runner for his school Oak Grove Middle in Bellmore NY. Zebra was a really good kid in school too.


This friday the two best friends are going at it again. After Antonio Cruz won last friday. But Felix Vargas isn't holding that agisnt Antonio Cruz. But this time in stead of doing a one on one fight they are doing a team fight. Ross Enamait is training Antonio and Felix for the fight friday at Morris Park Boxing arena in Bellmore,NY.


Dear jimmy,

i thank you for doing the right thing the other night! I'm happy that i got to see you again after 20 yaers!! I dint actsuerly think that any one in new york would notice me,for what i did,because i was a wanted man in chicago. But now i know i did wrong for scaming people thanks to you!



After the paniter lady painted the muralfor her cusion, a few weeks later she was put in the hospital because she had in healed to much paint fuems and it got in her lungs. She was put in Bellmore Hospital in Bellmore NY. The doctors put her on life suport and the they told her famliy to come vistior her because she only had about a few weeks to live. But noone came. She than told the doctors to take her off life suport because she had no more family left and then died a week later.


This weekend a little boy tryed to take money from an old lady.The old lady asked him y he tryed to stel from her and he said because i wanted to buy a pair of blue sweed sheos.but the little boy didnt scessed.But the old lady toke the little boy yo her house and feed him and than talked to him. But the talk didnt help him. A few days again he tryed it again and scessed. Then he did it more and more than after a well he was wanted. the plice cout him and put him in jail. Then he was sentes death prole. But he didnt wont to die slowly he just wonted it to be fast so.....then day before he was going to be put in the car he comuted suced.