The Tundra


What is the Tundra?

The tundra is one of earth's many biomes. It is very cold. The tundra is the worlds youngest biome. The tundra is in most of the upper Canada, Upper Alaska, and upper Europe. It is also in lower Greenland and on the poles.

What kind of climate is here and what animals can live here?

In the Tundra, there is a very harsh, cold climate. A few animals that live in the harsh conditions of the tundra are the arctic fox, musk ox, ermine, and a grizzly bear. Some vegetation that lives here are the bearberry, arctic moss, and the arctic willow,

Fun Facts

The tundra is also called the Alpine Biome. It is the youngest biome. It has crazy climate and is would be even hard for Bear Grills to survive here. Tundra comes from a Finnish word tunturia. This means barren land.