Southwest Communicator

"Community of Character"

Shout Outs

  • I love walking into the classrooms at SWECC! There is always something good and positive going on! Thank you Mrs. Deschu! ~ Julie Massen
  • Jenna wants to give Lisa Wieberg a shout out for coming down to help with a new students leg braces!
  • Thanks Katie, Leslie, and Chris for helping me out last week with grant stuff and the awesome parent meetings this year!~Lisa D
  • Thanks DeDe for being flexible as always! ~Beth and Lisa D
  • I would like to give a shout out to Leah for all the hard work she does each and every day. She does such a great job developing initial relationships with families and preparing them for the SPED process. ~Audrey
  • The teacher who impromptu taught the cubbie chant to our visitors! :-)
  • Thank you for wiping the water off Twana! ~ Mr. Derek
I was here first


We have almost made it to spring break everyone! Just a few reminders before we leave...

  • Title I: If you need consumables purchased for your Science kits you need to email me ASAP!
  • Kelly Services Note: Many of you have received the Kelly Service note in your boxes. Just email if you are going to be gone. If you need to leave during the school day please find Sarah or I and talk with us so we can help facilitate help for the teacher before the substitute gets here. If you are sick in the middle of night, just shoot me an email or text the next day.
  • If you ordered a new Destination Graduation Shirt I need you to pay by FRIDAY, March 27th. Thank you!
  • Dates of the Health Screens are: March 26th and 31st and April 1st and 9th. Follow this link to register for your health screen: appointType=268947 All screens will be held at Dix Rd.

Southwest Mission:

"With Character and Knowledge every child will have the tools to be successful."

Calendar of Events for March 23rd-27th

Monday: Spirit Week

PJ Day

Hoerschgen & Huntley Lounge Clean –Up all Week

Hotz AM Hall/Gresham AM Carline

Wilding out in PM
PAT Staff Mtg. 12:00

United Way Funding Mtg.-Langston 4:00

Tuesday: SW Shirt Day

Proebsting AM Hall/Gresham AM Carline

Officer Luncheon

Wilding RED w/Bechtel & Laur 12:00

Langston & Wilding Mtg. 1:00

Wilding IEP w/Bechtel & Laur 3:45

Langston Mtg. w/Proebsting 4:00

Wednesday: CrAzY Hair Day

Penserum AM Hall/Eggen AM Carline

Langston-United Way 8:30

Wilding IEP w/Daniels 12:00

EER Staff Mtg. 2:30

Thursday: mIx & MaTcH dAy

Chapman AM Hall/Proebsting AM Carline

Wilding Transition IEP w/Wilbers 12:00

Friday: Character Shirt Day

Hotz AM Hall/Penserum AM Carline


Wilding Transition IEP w/Wilbers 8:00

Glassner Team Mtg. 8:00

Wieberg Team Mtg. 8:30

Wilding ER w/Wright 9:00

Langston & Wilding Mtg. w/Thomas 9:00

Wilding IEP w/Wieberg 10:00

Langston & Wilding Mtg. w/Wieberg 11:00

Langston & Wilding Mtg. w/Wilbers 11:45

Langston & Wilding Mtg. w/Wilde 12:30

ECSE PD 2:00

Wilding ER w/Huntley 2:00

Wilding IEP w/Glassner 3:00