The Toll it Takes on Soldiers

War can be very tragic for those who experience it first hand. The constant threat of death, killing other men, seeing friends die on the battlefield in their friends arms. None of theses are easy to deal with, they take a large toll on the mind and body of soldiers.




Lonely, wanting of your love

An ocean away, praying to God above

Missing you, my wife

How you've made me a better man and changed my life

Without your support, Im not sure I would make it through

The leadership back home doesn't have a clue

As to what we've been through

I told them I wanted to train soldiers when I returned

'You're coming to staff' was my answer in turn

So soldiers deploy, untrained as to what they'll face

Every death is their disgrace

But still my wife stands by me

Tells me I can do better, we'll make them see

Without her I would have been lost

I think of leaving the Army, but at what cost?

This is a poem from a young soldier in Iraq. He misses his wife back home, and at many points thinks about leaving the army. His wife's support back home, knowing that she's back there waiting for him everyday is the only thing keeping him going. The war has deteriorated his will but the family support keeps him moving.