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February 15, 2016

Learning Framework Challenge - From Yolanda

Implement the Learning Framework in this DLC hosted Implementation Challenge. Each module will focus on a different chapter of the Learning Framework; Environment, Design, and Assessment. Depending on your involvement, you can earn up to 3 Schoology badges, each resulting in one hour of flex credit. If you have already joined the DLC PL course, simply complete the modules in the DIY Designer’s Challenge folder. This is a virtual challenge starting on Feb. 1, 2016 and ending on Mar. 25, 2016. You

are free to join the challenge at any time.

If you have not yet joined the DLC PL course (72Q87-RDGM5), use the course code to join the course and complete the DIY Designer’s Challenge! You do not need to sign up in Eduphoria. Once you complete a module, we will enroll and give you credit in Eduphoria.

Reflex Competition

We are participating in a contest from Reflex. If your learners do 10 "green light" lessons between now and 4/8, you could win a portable charger.
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Small Group Expectation

Please remember that you need to have a schedule for when you are meeting with your learners in small group.

For Example: Group A - Monday through Friday (8:30); Group B- Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (9:00); Group C - Monday and Friday (9:00)

In order to make sure those groups happen, planning the time and the lesson in advance is the key. With all of the pull out times and extra interventions, we know your schedule can seem like a puzzle; please contact Jennifer, Carol, or Mary if you need a thought partner to help you fit it all in!


Please make a time to show your data binder or Pensieve with your supervisor this week. This should be a place that you store data both numerical and anecdotal to help you form reading and math groups. Below is a video in case this is a new concept for you.


Data PLC

Hi all! We are in the data round of our PLC process.

I've created a suggested agenda that might help guide your discussion...


You can use these questions as you go through each subject/common assessment.

Additionally, you might consider using your data PLC to analyze student work. I have added questions to consider to the bottom portion of the document.

I hope this helps your team as we work on refining our PLC process!

Accommodation Resources

A great resource was created by Region 10’s AGC group. It delineates accommodations by the “G’s”. If one were to take the FIE and look at each “G” area such as Comprehension-Knowledge or Fluid Reasoning and identify the strengths and weaknesses in those areas. This resource provides instructional implications for each area as well as strategies and accommodations.

The document is located in the Intervention Services – Public Google Folder.

A direct link to the document is provided below.

Science with Linda Cook

Feb. 18th - Elementary Professional Learning - Final Science is Messy Workshop Series - Five different inquiry science experiences at Town Center Elementary from 4:00 - 5:00 pm. Register through Eduphoria.

Feb. 20th - The DFW Mini-CAST Conference in Frisco. Mini-CAST is a one day conference in the DFW area with sessions for science teachers in grades K-12. All presentations are related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. The registration fee is $25.00. Find more information at

DFW Minicast

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Digital : Impossible “Accomplishing Your Classroom Mission Using the Latest Tech Trends & Tools”


Virtual course held in Adobe Connect








1 hr credit, SBEC; 1 hr Flex credit(with campus administrator approval)

Are you on a quest for technology integration

in your classroom? Have you got a mission you think is impossible? Well, the CISD DLC team is here to support you along the way with some amazing technology tools, strategies, and resources to make that “Impossible Mission” happen in your classroom.

During this webinar, members of the DLC will be sharing great ideas gathered

during the recent TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) Conference. The ideas range from new tools and techniques, to resources and apps for both you and your learners to use!

We would LOVE to see you join us in this exciting learning experience!

SMART Goal Data Representation

Please have your SMART goal data representation posted in the PLC room by Friday, February 19th.

Agenda for Monday

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UbD Training now available in Eduphoria...Please sign up

June 20 and 21 or July 18 and 19

Click below to register:

June session:


July session:


Please post your thoughts below about the implications of this video....

A Day Made of Glass 2: Same Day. Expanded Corning Vision (2012)