Aime Fleury: The Final Project

6th hour Due May 6

Who are you now?

Hello, my name is Aime Fleury. I'm currently 17 yrs. old, and a junior in high school. I'm in the drama club and I have techied, stared, and co-wrote two plays through the years. When I was young I always thought I wanted to be a singer, till my eight grade year. This was the year I found my talent as a writer and I have been dreaming of writing for film ever since.

Where is Christ in your life?

I have been going to a Catholic school my entire life, Pre-School -->Middle School-->High School. I do try everyday to do what I'm called and to be kind to everyone I meet. (again I try, not perfect) I always go to mass on Sunday and pray during school, but it seems once I get home, that goes out the window. So lately I have been trying to widen my faith and express it both at school, in public, and at home. Also when I do find a relationship, in college or later, I have my eyes set on the future and if this person can't see the same, we already have problems. Personally I feel like setting boundaries is the best way to see if a date is truly looking out for you, or acts like this is just another girl. If your date respects your boundaries (no sex, don't hold hands, or don't cuss) no matter how weird of strand the boundary is if they respect it they will most likely respect you.

Who do you want to become?

I would like my full title to be screenwriter, actress, director Aime (Mc)Fleury. I basically want to write, star, and help lead my movie to the big screen. I will most likely start my career through college and try to sell my self as a actress first, then once I have established myself I will have written a film that, hopefully, will be picked for the big screen.

What are your dreams in life, your passions?

Unlike Whoopi, I will never be a EGOT winner, which is a person who has won Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony, but I'm going to try and be close. To win a Emmy, it's one thing, to win a Tony, that's another, but to win a Oscar AND ALL THREE (and maybe more). What could you want more in life than that. It's one thing to say your good at something, or for others to say it, but to be acknowledged is everything in the world...

What do you believe is your vocation?

This may seem corning, but I feel like I'm called to write for movies. I feel this way because of the types of movies I want to make. The common theme I have in my films is a "True Character". A true character is a character that exhibits the actions, strengths, and mindset of a regular human being. My films will be based in a fictional reality, but a reality that "could happen". So it's a fairly real yet fiction situation with a real human being, like me or you in it. This isn't a new idea, but one lost through time. I feel that expressing what would really happen to a human being a blown out situation you can see the true limits we have. And the audience and actually understand other people and themselves, in ways they never thought before.

Where will Christ fall in your future vocation?

Christ is in this vocation because he's the bases to it. For evil characters I don't just show their evil actions, but their mindset and heart, to truly show why this person the way they are. And depending on the movie, how to get out of it. I feel that Christ will guide my writing to help my audience members realize their true human nature and the same for other. Having faith, and doubt, in God will be in my films to show why we go through certain things and why we blame God sometimes, and why we should ask him to help us through it... I also plan on breaking some social norms. Example: if they don't have sex with you, they don't love you... Let's just say my movies won't sugar coat the truth and if a character is dentin for disaster... I'm going to tell my audience like it is, what true love is and what's the cost of finding or going against it.

What I'm Doing This Summer

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