A belief that Jesus is the Savior

Practiced by Christians

The Christian populace practices Christmas, Easter, and some sects practice Lent. Christmas is believed to be the birthday of Jesus Christ and is celebrated with much giving of presents. Easter is believed to be the day that Jesus rose from the grave, three days after being crucified. Lent is when a person gives up something they love to eat/drink for a month, to represent their spirit's hunger for religious doctrine.

Traditions and sacred things

Church is once a week, usually on Sunday, and is filled with singing, prayer, praise, and teachings. The Bishop, Pastor, Pope, and many different names are for just the one person who leads the church and teaches the congregation. the worship place for the many sects of the Christian religion vary, but are in a building that can be not very decorated to ones that cost $750,000! In any of the churches, there are always some similar beliefs. The Holy Bible is the backbone of Christianity, and the monotheistic religion branches off from Judaism and Islam in the prophet Abraham's time.

Some of the more important things in the religion

Central teachings


Often times the Sacrament is called Holy Communion or Mass. Whatever the name, The Sacrament consists of bread and water/wine which represents the body and blood of Jesus, so the Christians can always remember him.


The Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, Israel, is believed to be where Jesus was buried and is extremely holy to all Christians.