Dyslexia Dialog

September 2021

Welcome Back!

Welcome to the 2021-22 school year! We are so excited about what this year will bring and to partner with you to meet the needs of our amazing students. This monthly newsletter will provide information about dyslexia and related disorders, keep you informed of any events of interest, and provide resources and tips for how families can support their children's growth at home.


Dyslexia Can Be About More Than Just Reading

Students with Dyslexia can have Social/Emotional Struggles :

  • Difficulty Reading Social Cues
  • Difficulty Finding the Right Words to Say
  • Lack of Patience
  • Socially Awkward
  • Loss of Interest in Learning



Social/Emotional Supports

  • Teach students self-advocacy skills
  • Identify a trusted adult he/she can turn to for support
  • Find opportunities for the student to help others
  • Explain Dyslexia to the student while reinforcing age appropriate skills
  • Promote balance between reading, writing, and extra-curricular activities



What Was Your Favorite Book As a Child?

Mrs. Schulter: Little House on the Prairie

Mrs. Halford: The Indian in the Cupboard

Mrs. Louden-Wittwer: How to Eat Fried Worms

Mrs. Busby: Ramona the Pest

Mrs. Louise Warren: Little House on the Prairie

Mrs. Rutherford: The Hardy Boys

Mrs. Clark: Little House on the Prairie

Mrs. Snow: Where the Red Fern Grows

Mrs. McWhirter: Charlotte's Web

Mrs. Ahern: Ramona, Baby-Sitter's Club, and Sweet Valley High

Mrs. Shaffer: All Books!!!

Mrs. Tammy Warren: The Mouse and the Motorcycle

Mrs. Raper: Charlotte's Web

Meet Our Team

Louise Warren, M.Ed.

Dyslexia Team Lead

STEAM Academy at Stribling Elementary School

Taylor Elementary School

Dr. Sarah Holman

Special Services Coordinator