Monday Message

August 24, 2020

School is Great!

It was an amazing first few days! What a blessing school, teachers and community is for us all! We had a few hiccups, but we adjusted and continue to learn and enjoy each day.

Thank you so much for your encouraging words, gratitude, understanding, grace, support and love. Together we will conquer this and become stronger for it! Students mimic what they hear parents say. I can tell our Art City parents have been positive and encouraging! Continue to notice all the good! Celebrate it. Shout it.

Please consider paying a $25 donation per child. If you have not already done so, log back into Infinite Campus and donate. This donation goes directly to students. We need your support. For those who have already donated - THANK YOU! It makes a difference! Please call the office if you have any questions or need assistance. We can accept check or cash in the office.

How can I help my child stay well and enjoy each day at school?

  • Be positive! Focus on the good. Be encouraging. Don't share frustrations with your child. They hold on to that and mimic what they see and hear at home.
  • Make sure children eat healthy, good food each day. Food makes all the difference in how our bodies work and fight off illnesses.
  • Send a clean water bottle with them to school. Hydration is so very important!
  • Do not send your child to school if they are ill. Ensure they do not have a fever or other symptoms related to COVID. (One of the reasons we are getting out at 2:15 each day is so that teachers can work with students who are absent for one reason or another. It's ok to keep kids home when they don't feel well or need to be quarantined for any reason.)
  • Communicate needs with your child's teacher. We want the best for them. We need you to help us.
  • Be positive!

Up-Coming Events

8/26: Kindergarten begins

9/4: Stand Strong Day

9/7: No School Labor Day

9/11: Emergency Drill

9/15 Picture Day

9/17: School Community Council 3:00

9/21: School Dismissed at noon - teacher training all PM

10/15 & 16: No School - Fall Break

10/19: Red/Green Ribbon Week

10/29: End of Term 1

Parent Conferences

10/30: No School


Below are links to a few committees whose events are coming up quickly and need more volunteers. Other signups will be sent out this way throughout the year as the need arises. No huge commitments, but many hands will make light work!

Teacher Appreciation Committee:

Red Ribbon Week:

T-shirts will be on sale through September 18th on the website! Make sure you get your Art City swag before it's too late!

Stand Strong Day

The first Friday of each month is STAND STRONG DAY. This day we will focus on being Stand Strong in Mind, Body and Spirit.

  • Stand strong in mind by being safe, respectful ad responsible at school, home and in the community.
  • Stand strong in body by doing those things that help us physically be strong. (Dress up day in the way you like to keep your body strong, ie: running, soccer, basketball, etc.)
  • And when we are strong in body and mind, our spirit is strong. This means we are our best selves inside.

We will recognize students for their Stand Strong behavior over the announcements.

Were you able to take advantage of free/reduced lunch last school year?

If your family qualified for free or reduced lunch this past year, you can apply to receive a reimbursement from the state for the time we were out of school. (March- May) Fill out the application in the link below. If you qualify, the money will come the form of an EBT card that can only be used on food from a grocery store. The deadline is August 31, 2020.