The Cakewalk

The Cakewalk: Everything about cakes and breads

Everyone has visited bakeries in their lives. Be it a birthday or an anniversary, Christmas or New Year, bakeries will be the spot to be. Being a baker does not only mean just knowing how to make bread, it means a lot more than that. Pursuing bakery as a career isn’t a cakewalk; it requires the skill of both art and science.

Loaves, croissants, tarts, or cakes, are all the innovations that have gathered love over the years. Every course on baking and confectionery teaches how to measure and weigh out ingredients, then divide, mould and mix the dough, set the dough for rising, bake different confectionery and bread products for one’s bakery and how to decorate the final product by slicing and wrapping it. If a person wants to pursue baking as a career, there are short term bakery courses, diploma courses, online courses or even and also EDP programsprovided by bakery institutes in India. The hierarchy of posts in baking starts from being a Commi 1 then a CDP and finally the Chef.

EDP stands for Entrepreneurship development program. Studying that along with mastering the art of baking can be like the icing on the cake, because learning how to manage one’s own business is a very important task to be done and just knowing how to make good cakes won’t do. An EDP program in Bakery is designed for students seeking roles in fast growing hotels and bakeries. Short capsules will impart essential skills on popular product varieties and familiarize students with all aspects of commencing a bakery business. This course is apt for those who are young and have the dynamism of starting their own business or those who want to take their conventional family owned baking business forward and are seeking modernization and expansion.

If a person is looking for a bakery institute in India for a short term bakery course, then there are many. All the courses last for about 6 months and they focus mainly on applied bakery science, reformulation for bakery products, enrichments of foods to combat health and nutritional issues, cookie processing and artisan bread, and decorations. There is a variety to choose from. It is quite natural to look for acake baking coursein Delhi. Delhi, being a city of diversity, has different tastes, and people have different requirements, so anyone and everyone can cater the needs of these people in their own unique way.Bakery industry is likely to be one of the fastest growing segments of food businesses. There are foreign institutes in USA, Korea, etc. that have collaborated with Cake baking course in Delhi, providing certifications and evaluations from their side. Along with these, online courses have also been up in baking, and it seems to be rising in the eyes of people. So all those with a sweet- tooth must try out a hand in these courses and make baking a revolution.

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