Giant Panda Breeding

By: Dalton Nelson

Should artificially breeding pandas be considered ethical?

I think we should do giant panda breeding beccause there are more chances to make the population bigger so they stay out of exinction.


~Stays out of extinction
~239 in captivity
~nearly 2000-3000 in the wild
~kept in a safe place


~In captivity their not interested to mate
~Hard for them to mate
~Only fertile for 24 to 36 hours
~artificial insemination is almost near impossible to get pregnant
~Not very many in captivity or the wild
~not very good at hunting for food

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~Breed once a year

~In heat 2-7 days can mate more than once

~Females can have 1-2 cubs

~Delivered in a hollow tree

~Or a fake rock in captivity