Mount News 2022


First Days of School

August 29th 9th and 12th Graders ONLY 7:15am

August 30th ALL Grades will report to school 7:15am.

SENIORS will report to the Knights Football Stadium upon arrival to school for a senior photo. Wear your Mount Green!

Students will receive a copy of their schedules during their first-period class. Every student will attend a first days assembly where students will receive information about the Brandywine School Districts' academic programming and high school requirements.

Your Administrative Team for the 22-23 School Year is here!!

Mrs. Curi Calderon-Lacy, Principal

Mr. Tiffany McCullough, Assistant Principal

Mr. John Norton, Assistant Principal

Mr. Keith Rolph, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Nigdra Calloway, Dean of Students

Mr. Brian Hines, Dean of Students

Mr. William Wells, Dean of Students

School Policies and Expectations

We are asking our families to support our Administrative Policies and Expectations:

  • Students cannot have Door Dash, Uber Eats or family members deliver food to the school during the school day.
  • Students may only possess closable water bottles and coffee mugs. No disposable drinks will be allowed in the classrooms. There are refill stations throughout the school.
  • Cell Phones must be silenced and away from 7:30-2:18.
  • Parents, please call 302-762-7125 in an Emergency if you need to reach your student. Calling and texting them during their class time creates a classroom disruption.



Our school's multi-tiered system of support for students relies on the following three principles for students. We ARE Accountable, Respectful, and Engaged in our education and our instruction. Teachers and students will use this language throughout our school as a core of our mission to provide an academically centered and rigorous learning experience for ALL of our students.

Our faculty is trained in restorative practices and mindfulness meditation. We have classrooms equipped with quiet corners to support students' Social and Emotional Learning throughout the day. Our goal is to support student learning while building community and relational capacity with our students.


Student schedules have been completed and are viewable on Schoology and Home Access. Counselors will make schedule adjustments to schedules in the following priority:

  • Students with a missing class in a period
  • Students who are Seniors and need a schedule adjustment
  • Students who want a level change in a course
  • Students who want a different class

Counselors for students are designated by lastnames:

Ms. Rachel Herskowitz A - G

Mrs. Della Schweiger H - O

Dr. Iman Turner P - Z

IB Program Students

Mrs. Jeanne Beadle IB MYP 9th and 10th Grades

Mrs. Leslie Carlson IB DP 11th and 12th Grades

If you have any questions please email the counselors directly or email


Every student at Mount Pleasant is required to take their picture on picture day for their SCHOOL ID. Students are not required to order the photos but will have the opportunity to do so. Students are REQUIRED to wear their identification in school every day. Please make sure that you remind your students of the picture day schedule. Reminder students will need their photo ID for job applications until they get their license at the age of 16.


The Brandywine School District supports all students with a Chromebook computer for school. New students to our district will be issued a Chromebook within the first week of school. Each student must have their parent or guardian sign a device agreement prior to receiving their device.

All students MUST bring their existing devices to school every day. Teachers use Chromebooks in daily instruction. Students will be logging into Schoology and other web applications as part of their daily learning.

Please make sure your students charge their Chromebooks each night. They may bring their chargers to school but it is not required. ONLY the CHROMEBOOK must come to school every day.


Mount Pleasant is pleased to provide academic programming through the AVID and the International Baccalaureate Program. For more information visit our website at

DIAA Fall Sports 2022-2023

I think you will find the information on this site helpful as a student/athlete, parent, and especially as a member of our community. Each sport gives you information that should be helpful to you. Make sure to sign up for Email Update Alerts. This can be done by clicking on the Alert box found in the upper right section of the main page. Check throughout the season for rosters, scores, stats, and other info. We are excited about the 2022-2023 school and athletic year. We take pride in playing hard yet conducting ourselves in a first-class manner at all times. Be a part of Mt. Pleasant Athletics! We are counting on all of you for a very Successful Season!

Mr. Keith Neff

Athletic Director



Click on the link to view the Parent Welcome Letter.


Click on the link to view the DIAA physical form.

BSD Acceptable Use Policy - Technology

Click on the Link to view the technology Acceptable Use Policy.

MPHS Traffic Map

Click on the Link to View the Traffic Map for MPHS Car Riders.

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