Be in the know....

AP ILT Book Study

We will be reading Mindset by C. Dweck.


  1. 8:00/1:00-8:10/1:10 Welcome/Introductions

  2. 8:10/1:10 Dr. Holt-E-sped

  3. 9:00/2:00 Mindset-Ownby

  4. 9:30/2:30 Break

  5. 9:45/2:45 Dr. Kempe-truancy procedures and BOY procedures

  6. 10:15/3:15 David Holland-CBA protocol

  7. 10:45/3:45 Wrap Up and Plus/Delta/Rx

Please welcome the new APs:

Take a moment at AP ILT and introduce yourself to someone you don't know. Be ready to learn something about them. New APs...be ready to share something about you!