September 2020 Arrangements

Part 2 What to bring and what not to bring

We can't wait to welcome all the children to school in September!

However - let's start by being completely clear - COVID-19 has not yet gone away.

Whilst welcoming all children back this autumn, we will also be asked to minimise the number of contacts that a child has during the school day as part of implementing the system of controls outlined by risk assessment to reduce the risk of transmission. All elements of the system of controls are essential.

The overarching principle we are having to apply is to reduce the number of contacts between children and staff. We will achieve this through keeping phase or year groups separate (in ‘bubbles’) and through maintaining distance between individuals. These are not alternative options and both measures will help, but the balance between them will change depending on:

  • children’s ability to distance from others.
  • the lay out of the school and the movement needed.
  • the feasibility of keeping distinct groups separate while offering a broad curriculum and a near normal school experience.
  • the necessity for enhanced hygiene measures.

It is likely that for younger children the emphasis will be on separating groups, and for older children it will be on distancing. For children old enough, we will also be supporting them to maintain distance and not touch staff where possible.

This section is about what items your child MUST wear or bring to school


Uniform in the school colours can be purchased from Classroom Clothing (Selby) and Tesco online uniform shop.

Full school uniform must be worn:

Cold weather:

  • Grey trousers/skirt or pinafore dress
  • Royal blue jumper/cardigan/sweatshirt
  • White polo type shirt
  • White or grey socks / grey tights

Warm weather:

  • Grey trousers/shorts/skirt/pinafore dress
  • White polo type shirt
  • Blue and white gingham dress
  • White or grey socks


  • Low heeled black school shoes (preferred) or plain black trainers
  • No sandals thank you - they afford no protection for your child's foot


It is no longer possible to send your child's PE kit to school for them to change into.

When your child has PE, they will be expected to come dressed in their PE kit on that day. You will receive a text from your child's teacher to let you know when to send your child in their PE kit and which kit to wear.

Cold weather and / or outdoors:

  • Jogging bottoms or leggings (plain as possible)
  • Zipped or pull on hoodie (plain as possible)
  • Trainers (different from black ones if being worn everyday)

Warm weather and / or indoors:

  • Black shorts
  • White T shirt
  • Trainers (as above)
  • Pumps for indoors


Girls and boys with long hair must have it tied up at all times - children will not be admitted on site if they have their hair loose. Staff cannot re-do your child's hair so please talk to your child about not removing their hair bands during the day and not sharing bands with other children. Keeping a used band on a wrist is not hygienic. We would strongly advise washing your child's hair more often during the term time.

Permitted accessories

  • Hats - summer hats or winter hats when it gets cold
  • Gloves - for winter

All must be kept in child's bag when not worn.

Items to bring

  • One small backpack - no drawstring or Gola bags and no oversized bags
  • Packed lunch box if not having a school lunch
  • Water bottle
  • Piece of fruit for snack in backpack NOT in packed lunch box
  • Coat / hat to suit the weather
  • If your daughter requires sanitary products, these should be kept in her bag or by a teacher by arrangement. Please get in touch with school to arrange it.

This section is about what items your child MUST NOT wear or bring to school

Children must not wear:

  • Jewellery of any kind
  • Extra clothing items
  • Lanyards, badges, belts, medals
  • Scarves of any kind

Children must not bring:

  • Spare clothes
  • PE kits
  • Book bags
  • Toys or games
  • Money or purses
  • Items for show and tell
  • Lip balm
  • Sweets
  • Hairbrushes, make up, perfume, toiletries
  • Stationary
  • Notebooks or drawing pads
  • Pencil cases
  • Paper notes
  • Homework
  • Books

Mobile phones

Generally, children must not bring their mobile phones to school. Year 6 children are allowed to bring their mobile phones ONLY if they are travelling to and from school without an adult. It must be kept switched off in their bags at all times. It remains the responsibility of the Y6 child and school takes no responsibility for loss, damage or theft. The Headteacher reserves the right to ban a child from bringing a phone if it disrupts the learning or well-being of anyone else.


Vital for safety

All (and we really do mean all) items MUST be clearly named.

  • Please understand how vital it is to name each and every item your child brings onto the school site. This is to stop other people touching your child's belongings by mistake.
  • Please check that names have not worn or washed off on a daily basis.
  • We will be discarding any unnamed, unattended items - this could prove costly for you.

Your child cannot break the rules of what to bring but particularly what NOT to bring.

  • Please check your child's pockets and bags before leaving the house in the mornings.
  • Please remind your child not to touch anyone else's belongings while in school.
  • Please remind your child to look after the belongings they bring into school.


These arrangements follow current guidance and risk assessment. They may have to change according to unforeseen National and Local events or official instructions. We will endeavour to inform you as soon as possible if things change.