Warren Middle School

By Anindo Majumdar


The purpose of off-season is to become stronger and stay in shape. Off-season helps you to stay fit. Also, off-season helps you get stronger. There is also no stress of trying to win a game because you are just exercising. If you do good in off-season, you get to play games on Friday. There are some challenges in off-season including: you barely get any rest if you are not in shape, off-season will be very challenging for you.


The purpose of football is to work as a team and become stronger. Football helps you work as a team and makes you better in academics. Because football is a physical sport, it gets you in shape helps you work as a team. There is one challenge though: you need to get up very early in the morning.


The purpose of basketball is to help you work as a team and maintain focus. Basketball helps you work as a team and it builds up focus. Basketball makes your legs stronger and helps you with your aim. However, you have to focus on one thing and you have to get up very early.


The purpose of volleyball is to help you work on a team; then you can succeed. Volleyball helps you with the following: brings you closer as a team, makes your arms stronger, brings you closer as a team, and helps you focus. Although volleyball is fun, there is a challenge: You need to dive on top of the hard floor.


The purpose of robotics is to use your imagination; then you can make great inventions. Robotics helps you with the following: helps you imagine more, helps you better at math, requires thinking, and it exercises your brain. Even though you use your imagination, the teacher does not give specific directions while you have a short deadline.