Illegal Drugs Bad or Just Illegal?

By: Ben Y

Some of these illegal drugs are not actually bad for you some actually are used to help people.The drug known as marijuana has actually not been proven to be bad for you its reason for being illegal is because the government fears that people would just grow it on their own and they would not make a profit.

There is a way that doctors and businesses can check to see if you are on drugs just by observing your urine.Some of these illegal drugs are used in hospitals such as heroin for surgery and marijuana for cancer patients that refuse to eat after chemotherapy.

Some of these drugs are actually legal in a few states in America. Doctors in certain states actually prescribe some of these drugs for medical purposes.Of course there can be some debates in the other states that are over whether or not these drugs should be legal.

So which side are you on?If you were to choose id recommend to be on the right side of the law.So my advice is don't do drugs!


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